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As a Teenager, Do I Have This Right?

 Age: 17

Height: 5'8
Weight: 147
8% Bodyfat

Diet: Normally almost 3000 calories
160g Protein
320g Carbs
30g Fat
50g Dietary Fiber

I am currently bulking on the OVT program from T-Nation.com
Gained 15 pounds in the last 2 months without my BF% increasing
Planning on bulking for another month 1/2

I have a couple supplements to choose from in my house

NO X-plode(before workout)
NO Tablets(currently not using)
ON Whey (During/post workout, during day)
100% Protein w/ Micellar Casein(before bed)
Amino Fuel(currently not using)
Universal Carbo Plus(currently not using)
Designer Whey(currently not using)
Metamucil (currently not using)

Other Supplements I take on a daily basis

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Fish Oil
Flax Oil

As a teen have I got this all right??

Which combo of supplements should I tak and when?

Any other supplements I should be taking or replacing?

Anything you would change in my diet or workout plan?

Thankyou in advance if you could help


You didn't tell us anything about your workout program. At 147 pounds, I wouldn't worry about all of the complex supplements you are taking, just a post-workout protein/carb shake and a crapload of food is all you need. Don't only bulk for another 1.5 months, bulk all the way until you're of decent size.


Ditto with DLboy. Eat shitloads of good food. Use Surge. Keep up with the good oils. Don't waste money on Multis.


Do the bulking for another 1 1/2 YEARS, not months.



At your level of developement(and age for that matter) there is no reason that you should be taking anything more than maybe fish oil and maybe(and thats a big maybe) a protein supplement. Do you have any idea what the supplements your takiing are even supposed to do?When you get to a level where you can see how your body reacts to certain supplements then start to introduce them untill then its a waste.

Workout hard
Thats all ya need to grow at this point. Also don't be afraid of dietary fats as they are an important part of your nutrition. Every bit as much as carbs or protein.


I don't see anything wrong with taking protein. Post your workout routine. One key, since you're a teenager, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Eat tons, (really, eat ALOT)
Lift tons.
Sleep tons.
Keep the lifts simple with compound multi-joint excercises.


Personally, not like I know too much but you don't look like you're eating much fat...


Don't waste your money on NO2 supps.
Use it to buy steaky steak wit a side of steak!


30 grams of fat will not cut it. I only weigh 162, and I eat 42 grams of fat by breakfast.


It what world is this 3000 calories? No world we live in. This comes to 2190 calories. Not near enough for bulking. And too much of that comes from carbs. At the least, double your fat. With your diet as it is, you're throwing your money down the drain on all those supplements. I recommend learning about nutrition. A good starting point would be the Massive Eating articles by Berardi.


Uhh... 90x3 + 4(320+160-50) does not equal 3000. Good try, mathlete.