As a Fatty WIP, Should I Get a Lifting Belt or Wait?

Hope my equipment related question is at the right place here.
So I’m a rather big dude 140Kg (308lbs) and started at 181Kg (400lbs). I like strength training a lot, and somehow I came to do 5/3/1 (The Triumvirate) which seems to work well with my diet.

I’m not super strong but managed to get my deadlift up to 225Kg (500lbs) etc. I never felt that I’m in desperate need to have a belt; however, I read a lot that I should wear one. Especially when doing deadlifts, squats and also log lifting which I do as a may exercise instead of military press. I’m not allergic at all to spending some money and looked at the “starting strength” belt and Inzer belts with a lever.

However, my current waistline is 127cm (50") and I expect to slim that down a lot within the next year. I wouldn’t mind buying a new belt then, but the question is. Do I need one? Should I get one or is it totally unnecessary?

Do you need one? No, as long as your lifts aren’t suffering due to core instability/bracing.

Should you get one? Up to you, it’s worth trying out and seeing if you benefit from using it. Many people won’t squat or pull without a belt and for me it doesn’t help at all. BUT for OHP, it helps a bit.

Congrats on the progress so far, and a 500lb deadlift is - without a doubt - strong!

Currently, my lifts are somewhat stalling, but this is probably also due to the facts that I’m currently loosing around 1,5Kg per week in body weight.
I don’t “feel” like I need one and was hoping for either confirmation (which you gave somewhat) or arguments pro belt.
If there are no strong arguments pro belt I think I will wait.

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The strongest argument FOR a belt is whether or not you need one, which you inherently won’t know until you buy/try one lol.
If you think you need one, go for it! If not, I think waiting until you do won’t hurt any.

Serious respect for the amount and rate of weight you are losing.




will be a great reward for hitting a milestone.


Guess I have to see what Black Friday will bring.
What are your thoughts on the Starting Strength Belt and the Inzer Belts? I thought a lever Belt might be great and less hassle than a regular one.

It’s a small price to pay, if you can lift more maybe avoid an injury. You don’t absolutely need a toothbrush either but it is something you should have. Get a 10mm belt, you will never wear it out and will break in a little faster. When you buy your second belt you will have a better idea of what you like. Do you have a very good reason not to buy one?

Inzer will be a long wait.

I also have an economy 10mm belt from lifting large. A steal for $59. Bought it in 2014. Still in good shape.

4x is in stock and ships in 1 day.

I recommend a 10mm (4 inch) all the way around. A single prong or maybe a lever belt.

No I don’t have a strong reason to not get one. Only maybe waste of money.

Thx. I live in Germany so I have to see what 10mm Belts are available here.

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Forgive me, I’m so American I forget other places exist. :laughing:

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Maybe this one?

Team America soundtrack plays :smiley:


Sie könnten etwas zuerst was billigeres kaufen, um dich an die Gürtel zu gewöhnen. Es gibt auch Rogue in Europa und Strengthshop denke ich . Sie werden vielleicht ein bisschen mehr Gewicht und noch einige Wiederholungen mithilfe einer Gürtel machen können

Try something cheaper first. Just to try a belt. You can get a more expensive one later.

I have done a fair amount of squatting without a belt. To begin with the belt is distracting and very uncomfortable.But it does make a difference once you get used to it. I use a velcro belt for my heaviest lifts.

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I got a 10mm lever (the adjustable one) from Pioneer and love it

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