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Would a heart murmur/arythmia be cause for concern when starting a cycle?

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im in my 20’s so still young and have undergone tests such as echo and electro cardiograms and have undergone surgeery where i have been put under (not for my heart, for my knee) and have been told there is nothing to worry about and its a quite common thing to have a murmur. So is there cause for concern with steroids, as im sure many users have a murmur and may just be unaware of it much like the rest of the population.

I’ve a long history of super-ventricular tachycardia. starting from age 16 with a 4 hour bout @ over 280BPM.

From then on only marijuana induced further episodes (though first was naturally occuring).

Adenocard, Verapamil, and Tenormin I stopped taking after 6 months when 16.

I’ve naturally trained for over 10 years, and only had 3-4 episodes, and I think 1 from/during training.

I’ve tried all forms of caffiene/ephedrine products and not induced arythmia.

Your Question:
I am on my very first cycle. Testosterone, and Boldenone (Equipoise), and I have had NO experiences of any form of arythmia.

Contest prep time however, with fluid depleted and such, arythmia becomes common, and should be watched very carefully if you are naturally susceptible to tachycardia episodes.

Murmurs I have no information about.

I would think that hGH is something you would want to stay away from, as it enlarges your internal organs.

For further data I suggest Googling the steroids you are planning to take, combined with various names of pathology related to your unique biology.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Interesting point of view on the GH thing. I think I’m going to agree. The only people I’ve seen/known who ended up with a big monkey looking jaw used massive amounts of gh 10-12 iu’s a day, and alot of other gear, slin, igf-1.

Firstly, I know v.little about steroids. But I do know something about cardiology. As you have had an echo the chances are that your murmur is the result of an insignificant amount of regurgitant blood flow through one of your heart valves, this can be a normal variant. The echo can quantify this regurgitation and if it was cause for concern then your physician would have informed you. Likewise, if there was a structural abnormality like hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM), that could potentially be worsened by steroids, you would know about it (trust me).

In terms of arrhythmia, this is an umbrella term encompassing an entire spectrum of rhythms, from sinus arrhythmia (healthy beat to beat variation) to ventricular fibrillation (this is usually fatal if not treated). Again I’m not sure of the impact of steroids on these rhythms, but if yours was a serious arrhythmia, you would be on medication or have an implantable cardiac defibrillator (like a pacemaker).

I say, if your worried about the impact of steroids on your heart, first find out the results of your cardiac investigations and then take it from there.

my electro/echo etc. all shown up w/ nothing to worry about and infact on going to doctors for various reasons and telling them i have a murmur, some cant find it and others it takes a really good hard look to find it with a stethescope.

the point was missed.

certain types of arythmia are caused by “extra” electro pathways in the heart. now while I am no hGH expert, what i do know, combined with common sense would lead me away from taking anything that could promote further growth of organs, parts of organs, potentially offer hyperplasia, etc.

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im thinking of taking superdrol, help any?

ok so superdrol is still legal so there is no worry about shipping to your house, now it appears this steroid is safer than most, and on a 20mg cycle for 3 weeks should one worry about many sides, especially if followed by 4weeks of pct?