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Artists. :)

Any other aspiring artists, writers here? If so what do you write/draw paint etc? Personally I like sci-fi, fantasy and comic book genres. I am 99% done my first story and in a few months should have a ton of art. Ciao. :slight_smile:

P.S. Besides Pat. Tee hee hee. :wink:
Just kidding Pat. :stuck_out_tongue:

songwriting, poetry, and some pencil sketching and painting, when I’m in the mood. I have no aspirations of ever selling anything, it simply to fulfill my own creative impulses. Beats watchin t.v.

I write SF/Fantasy type stories. I like edgy stories, and although I love reading comedies, I can’t write them.

I also play piano and violin (although not as frequently or well as I used to). And I used to paint quite a bit until I stopped doing that about 6 years ago.

These days, I’m reading a lot of Korean texts, and I’m writing some poems in Korean. I love Korean language, which I think is very expressive.

Magnus – don’t discount TV/movies completely. Sometimes something in TV or movies trigger something in my head, which gets the creative juice flowing again. :wink:

Does writing comedy count?


It’s usually due to the fact that when you’re creative and pour out a lot of creativity out, you also need a way to recharge it back. And taht’s when reading, listening to music, and watching TV/movies come in. :slight_smile:

Try reading ARTIST’S WAY. It’s a very good book.

I like to mostly finger paint. My favorite subjects are stick people.


I write, mainly fanfic at the moment, but other stuff too.

Stella: Actually I really love movies, I meant more of the regular crap that’s on t.v. I know there is some good t.v. (ie. A&E, discovery channel, etc.)However I would still rather read, play guitar or do something creative to pass the evening.

Correction my story is 100% done!!! Fuck me finally!!! :wink:

As for comedy I sure as hell put alot of that in my writing. I don’t expect someone to read pages and pages without a laugh or two.

Stella I’m talking too you right now. I’m going to ask you about your writing. Muahahhaha. Damn she’s deadlifting right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pat that was some funny shit. Hey how about you post some of your art. Maybe those pics won’t cause any stink! Heck post about your art talents and asprirations here too there are newbies that don’t know about that.

Next is the art. Art of alot of my characters. And a whole new medium to explore. :wink:


Yes, comedy counts. Comedies – good ones at least – are very very difficult to write because you don’t want to make it seem forced, and many people can’t do a good job of writing good comedies.


I think our diminutive chuckle maker is referring to his stand up material al’a ~ “These two Puerto Ricans, a Nun and a large Breasted Lesbian walk into a bar, the bartender turns to the Donkey and says…”

Kinda thing. Yes it does count too as does any creative writing. Yes even if you suck.

Myself, one of these days I’m gonna write some humour pieces.

“I’m writing an unauthorized autobiography”

~ Steven Wright

Arcane (note: no I):

I’d post some of my work, but I wouldn’t want it to be misconstrued as some way of receiving overtly sexual comments. You know, like “damn that drawing of that woman is sexay; I’d hit it” or something to that effect.

You know, gawd forgive that such a thing would occur! the horror :bbb

I’m an aspiring writer, myself. I was also a visual arts major for four years. Mostly, I write ‘literary’ fiction, which is a fancy way of saying ‘stories about nothing.’ I also like sci-fi, and I’d love to take a crack at horror if I thought I could come up with something original.


I’ve been working on two bits in the last month. Still being polished. If it took Jerry Seinfeld 2 months to come up with 10 minutes of material when he returned to stand-up, I should have a working gig sometime around 2007. Difficult craft.

I write, although not as much as I should. But look out for an screenplay adapted from a certain novel about a certain young man in the next 5 years.

I write long, articulate, factual passages to counter democratic and envious anti-American drivel.

I forgot, I did formal voice training for 3 1/2 years - is that artistic? heh

Puts hands up

I draw, I paint, I render, I compose music

Pat: Your going to keep nailing me for that “i” thing aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m assuming the rest was a joke? Hard to tell on here sometimes. Let me know. :stuck_out_tongue:

US=GG: So you write fiction? Brahahah. Sorry I couldn’t resist. :wink: I however would call what you do more political debating and thus not art! This thread isn’t about politics. But this is just my opinion. However do you have any other art talents? Let me know. :slight_smile:

CoolCoJ: Rendering cool. Pm me I would like to know what platform you are using and exactely what your doing etc. Ciao. :slight_smile: