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Artists: Tattoo Design


Hey guys, I know there's some good artists out there. I want for my next tattoo to be a symbol to represent "karma". I have no artistic skills whatsoever, so if any artists out there feel like sketching something up that'd be cool. If not then that's fine, just thought I'd ask.


Hmm, well I found these: http://www.lewisbowen.uklinux.net/review/book/dharma_wheel.gif
or http://www.aboutulverston.co.uk/celts/jdharma_wheel.jpg

They're dharma wheels, representing Buddha's teaching for the path to enlightenment. It's what I could think of, so hope it helps.


I'd love to help...there's actually about 6 or 7 people out there somewhere with my designs on them...what are you looking for? Size? Colors? ideas?


I'd suggest going to a tattoo artist, telling him your idea, and paying him for a sketch (or few).


The thought crossed my mind, how much do they charge for sketches?


You should just have him draw a picture of a guy who just shit himself right at the business meeting, and his thought bubble reads: "Fuck, I new I shouldn't have stepped on that spider in the morning".

I know, not something people would recognise from afar, but once they see it up-close they will definitely appreciate the accurate description of what karma is.


I don't know - I'm a tattoo virgin. You could always call up an artist and ask.

Having an artist do it for you (on commission) is IMO the best way, simply because you can get them to play with the design (at your request) until you deem it perfect.

I don't think a sketch would cost that much, and considering this will be on you forever, I wouldn't particularly care how much it costs. But that's just me.

Also, since you're paying the artist, you're under no obligation to have it tattooed on you. You might try several artists before you find one that draws it exactly to your liking.