Artificial Sweeteners

Could artificial sweeteners specifically from diet soda cause one to feel sluggish and/or tired? I recently posted about feeling sluggish through out the day and attached a photo of my daily macro intake. Today I decided to look take notice of how i felt after every meal and after my second soda of the day I began to feel tired. Coincidence or can it be the soda?

Artificial sweeteners in large amounts make me feel like shit, and others have reported the same thing. On the other hand plenty of folks handle them with no reported problem whatsoever. There is probably some degree of personal tolerance just like with anything else. Easiest way to answer the question would be to cut them out, making no other changes to your diet and see how you feel.

I am also interested in this. Diet soda is the only “bad” thing I take in and would hate if the tired feeling I have been having is caused by diet soda and not my low carb days.