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Artificial Sweeteners

I have a brutal schedule and I probably use more protein powders to get it done than I should. This being said, I am concerned about the long term ingestion of stevia, aspartame, sucralose, splenda etc. Can anyone share opinions on the dangers of consistent use of these sweeteners?



Studies have shown that aspartame has been linked to various cancers and tumors throughout the body. Don’t have a source though.

Thanks Greek. Yeah, I wonder how ‘long term’ any of the studies are. Some of these substances just aren’t that old.

I’m trying to ween myself off the aspartame. It’s been sort of a crutch in the face of low-carb eating. But stevia’s supposed to be fine.

I believe this website and the attached links at the bottom of the page, should dispel your fears of artificial sweeteners, it got rid of my fear.

There are more definitive studies showing a correlation between repeated sun exposure and cancer. Simply being outside.

Food for thought.

the aspartame debate rages on, and quite frankly don’t want to get into it on the forums, pick your battles y’know :slight_smile:

But my oppinion and 2cents are that aspartame isn’t good. Use stevia which is an herb that is actually beneficial/healthy and 0 calories. Or if you don’t mind the calories, sweeten your stuff with raw unfiltered honey, i love honey.

Lots of research on aspartame that you can google up. Also two documentaries on aspartame that I know of, they really think aspartame is bad, you can look into it if you want, it’s called “Sweet Misery” and i think the full video was uploaded and available to watch online in google video, maybe do a search.


[quote]The Greek wrote:
Studies have shown that aspartame has been linked to various cancers and tumors throughout the body. Don’t have a source though. [/quote]

You gotta love those unnamed “studies” to try to reinforce a point.

There are probably a greater number of studies that show no effect on cancer with aspartame.

You also have to ask what the level of consumption was in such research. Consuming ridiculous amounts of many otherwise healthy substances can have unhealthy results.

While aspartame isn’t my preferred artificial sweetener, because of it’s taste, it’s not something I go out of my way to avoid.

Thanks very much for the opinions. It confirms what I have heard in the past: stevia, sucralose and aspartame…in order of ‘safety’ preference. Although, it’s true there is no real way to confirm at this point.

I don’t think there have been any long term studies of sucralose or stevia. Don’t quote me on that though. There is a good, unbiased, article by Cy Willson about artificial sweeteners somewhere on here. Do a search. I think it’s called “The Truth About Splenda” or something like that.

Here is the link: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_diet_nutrition_bodybuilding/the_truth_about_sucralose&cr=

I hope it helps. Sure made me a little more “ok” with Sucralose use and it seems it is even the choice over Stevia after reading the article.