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Artificial Sweeteners

I remember reading somewhere (not sure if it was here or not) something interesting about artificial sweeteners. It was claimed that even though they may have no calories, they still cause an insulin spike just like good old sugar. So much for diet sodas. Has anyone else heard of this?

This basically seems impossible to me since artificial sweeteners contain no carbs, the means by wich insulin is sucreeted. Besides soda is reccomended on diets like Atkins to relieve sugar cravings.

Insulin secretion can be stimulated by a number of nutritive and non-nutritive compounds. Interestingly, Ive seen literature suggesting that some artificial sweeteners can increase insulin secretion in vitro. Im not sure if they can in the body but I dont see why not. So basically insulin can be released by non-nutrients and sweeteners may release insulin. I dont see this as a huge problem though because A) insulin itself is not evil and B) the insulin release from sweeteners is probably not that big. Insulin can only lead to fat gain when excess nutrients (fat and carbs) are around to be driven into the fat cells. Without this, insulin itself will not make you fatter and may actually cause some anabolism. I wouldnt go chowing down on sweeteners but I wouldnt avoid them either.


I have read studies which showed a small insulin response when artificail sweetners are injested. Apparantly, when you taste something sweet on your toungue, it causes a small insulin response. Perhaps the body trying to get a “jump” on the carbs.

Is this insulin response enough to mess up an anabolic, bodyopus, or t-dawg diet?

Most Artificial Sweeteners have maltodextrin, that could cause an insulin spike, not aspartame.

Actually, other sweeteners (more than just maltodextrin) can do the same. Affect ketosis, probably not though.