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Artificial Sweeteners & Low Carb Products


Have any of you noticed negative impacts on body composition from things with artificial sweetener like sugar free jello, diet soda, low carb tortillas, etc?


NO. On the sodas etc. I have one or two a day used to have a ton. Id watch out for them eating your teeth however not the sweetner but the acid content. LL covered this. Have a toothbrush near by.

I stear clear of the Pasta's tortillas etc except the occasional cheat. One for the most part they taste like crap, might as well eat the real thing for as few times as I eat them. Many of those baked goods are loaded with soy isolate, etc. and are just as highly processed.

Thats my take,


Thanks for the response. I was also wondering about insulin sensitivity. If I've been on a low carb diet for a year or so...like 100-200 g per day will increasing my carbs cause fat gain? Do people become insulin resistant when on diets like this?


I noticed that my food (and energy) intake is higher when I consume Artificial Sweeteners (except for sucralose-"Splenda"). Why? because it's stimulating appetite! Really!

Anyway, about the carb question. Eating too many carbs after a long low-carb diet is pretty bad. Yes, low carb, high protein and fat diets can impair insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Your insulin levels will jump to the sky and fat gain may occur, especially in the presence of FFA (which further causes insulin resistance).

I remember JB wrote how to come off from a ketogenic, low carb diet without gaining too much fat and water.
Here is the link:http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=461792
Good luck!


No problems on the Low-Carb stuff here either. There are only a few things that I use that are "modified" to be low-sugar.

I pretty much go natural for everything. Only thing I have with artificial sweeteners are:

Coke Zero
Metabolic Drive

I haven't had any problems.

As Phil's idea with the pastas. If I am going to have something like cookies or something else, I just eat the real thing. I'd rather be satisfied eating 4 great tasting cookies than 10 pieces of cardboard.


Well I've done enough reading to believe that they are all bad for you. They have side effects and are linked to desease.

You know the saying "It's too good to be true?" That stands here.... Food that tastes really great with no calories is just that...

But to each their own... I just would rather not take the chance that all this garbage causes anything. Plus it's really not that hard to not eat it...


If you stick to credible sources of informatrion I believe you'll come to the opposite conclusion -- that artificial sweeteners are not a problem when used in a sane manner.

There are a lot of thing, natural and otherwise, that can have negative effects when taken to extremes however.


200g a day is low? I take it from your screename you are female? You would have to weigh a lot for 200g to be considered low.

As for your original question- I have never had a body composistion issues with any of the food sources you mentioned. Asparatame makes be bloat, but only for a couple hours.

The best way to come off the low carb diet is to only eat low GI/GL carbs, such as fruits and vegetables. Why are "coming off" of the diet anyway? Have you reached your goals?