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Artificial Sweeteners' Effect on Insulin Level.


I’m just curious about the effect of artificial sweeteners toward insulin level. I’m in Thailand and there aren’t many choices.

The brand I use contains 96% of lactose and 3.6% of Aspartame and 0.3% silicondioxide

One sachet is 1g.

I’m beginning an anabolic diet program and now trying to eliminate carb menus and substitute them with artificial sweetened snacks. My favorite one is a whey pudding

with 1 cup of milk, 1oz of unflavored WPI and 2 sachets of sweeteners above, it would yeild:

  • 14g. Carb
  • 5-10g. of fat
  • 32g. of protein

I seen some articles on anabolic diet suggest that you can have a sugar-free jello with whipped cream. I have my pudding with cottage cheese + creamcheese (which tastes awesome.)

But the point is, Do these artificial sweeteners effect the insulin level?