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Artificial Sweeteners and Insulin Response

Do artificial sweeteners like splenda, aspritine, etc. (and things sweetened by them like diet coke) really cause an insulin response? Do they generate as much insulin as a comparable amount of sugar would? What about stevia?

If you use a TON of the packets yes as they are loaded with Malto but in general no or very little from studys for what that is worth.

Sugar alcohols YES.


No no and no,

discussed ad nauseam.

Not only has there been studies on this,

but if it did, you would become hypoglycemic everytime your drank diet sodas alone.

Stevia is the same.

It is not because something tastes like sugar that the pancreas recognizes it at sugar.

There isn’t even a cephalic (taste-induced) response insuline wise to these sweetners. That is why it is safe for diabetics.

Hell, if it would I would be a 300 lbs fat diabetic…I basically drink between 2-4 L of diet sodas a day…

I am not fat, nor insuline insensitive.

Of course you will find people who will attribute all the ailments of modern society on these sweetners from allergy to cancer while referencing some very ‘‘trust-worthy’’ sources such as mercola.com or other commercially-oriented, unscientific website/publication.

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