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"Artificial" Libido v. "Natural" Libido

Has anybody noticed a difference in feeling between their libido on T versus their libido naturally? Im assuming it could be related to the fact that the introduction of exo T shuts down other hormones linked to libido. I have been on TRT for about 5 months and around 3 months is when I noticed this difference in change of my libido. Now, I have never had problems with ED or libido before TRT, what my point is that “primal” instinct or urge when it comes to libido isnt there, or the same as it used to be. If I can put it into words, it almost feels “fake”. Please discuss

Unsure of what you mean by different. Do you mean intensity or what? At the age some of us are we are just glad we have it…fake or not. Hahahah!!!

I suffered with low libido for many years. Now I’m like a teenager. Couldn’t give a shit if it’s artificial!

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It may be in your head, however some days do feel different than others when you are on TRT. Since you have to artificially manage your hormone levels some days can be off a little. I have mostly good days and occasional so-so. Your brain plays a big part in your excitement level anyway. Being stressed, tired, pissed off, distracted, etc… all those play a part in it. For me, if my T is up around or over 1000 I don’t feel right. After years of experimenting I found I feel the best with TT around 500-700, with no AI.

Free T levels are important. DHT is important. E2 can spoil the party.

Many here have had the best libido and sex in their lives on TRT.

Libido is a measure of one’s state of health. There are four major hormone concerns:

  • testosterone FT&TT, E2 and DHT
  • thyroid function
  • cortisol
  • Vit-D25 - this is an essential hormone made from Vit-D3

Sleep and neural transmitters play important roles.

I cant tell the difference between my libido now on testosterone and my natural younger self. Thank God it is nothing like it was at 18 years old. I do not want that much of a drive ever again. Ok maybe for a weekend, but not everyday.

Most can only dream …