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Artificial Flavors...Whatcha Got?


Post your favorites. I'm particularly interested in any sugar free fruit extracts. Splenda is about the only thing I use currently. I've put them in protein pancakes, coffee (of course) or even on top of broccoli.


I've been diggin bacon salt recently, because honestly, what meal wouldnt be better with bacon?

I've also heard good things about molly mcbutter butter flavoring, but I've never tried it myself.

As far as fruit flavors go, I got nothin.


DaVinci's SF syrups are the best among the options.


Truvia. Walden Farms' Pancake Syrup.


THey're good but does anyone have anything else comparable? They're impossible to find in Australia :<


Sweet, thanks for the ideas. What's your favorite flavor Evil?


Sugar free/fat free Jello pudding mix. Makes anything taste good!

Also...these are all the rave over at FA. I haven't tried them yet, but plan to get some soon. They have no sweetner, just flavor.



I have this one chili/chipotle salt that is awesome. It gives the food just a pinch of heat to it without overpowering it with spice.


I use red chili powder on my food all the time sweats while eating infront of computer....
But usually i use vanilla with my MRPS. Sometimes Banana, But once you add a bit too much. You kill the shake. Seriously.


I've tried a bunch of the Davinci sugar-free flavors, they were all pretty good (but not amazing). Some of them have artificial colors. If you need your Italian lime soda to be flourescent green, maybe that's okay. They're worth trying for sugar free baking, diet sodas etc. You'd want about 1 or 2 oz of Davinci in every 16 oz of soda (adjust levels to taste). I can't really recommend a specific flavor - pick ones that you think you might like, and don't have extremely high expectations.

Monin O'Free Blackberry syrup is really good, but does have a few carbs (made with erythritol, not sucralose). For some reason, their blackberry flavor just works really well. The other Monin flavors weren't as good as the Davinci brand IMO (and Davinci has a lot more flavors to choose from).

You can also get regular baking extracts at your grocery store (lemon, orange etc). Add maybe a 1/8 teaspoon to a large (16-20 oz) glass of no-sodium seltzer, and about 5 drops of super-concentrated sucralose from Sweetzfree or EZ Sweetz (available via mail order). Instant diet soda.

I was really into the sugar free home made Italian soda for a while, but now I only do it maybe once a week, and I try to pound the green tea instead. Of the flavors and brands I've tried (10 or so from Davinci, most everything from Monin "O'Free"), Monin's blackberry was the best product.


banana extract goes pretty good with chocolate protein powder, almond extract is another good one, but its real strong so you only need a small amount.


The basic ones are the only ones I like:
French Vanilla -
German Chocolate (better than the regular SF chocolate)

The not so good ones were
The Chocolate Sauce - chemical/metallic taste
SF orange - too mild. maybe good added to chinese food etc but I don't wanna cook it.


I also like Walden Farms pancake syrup too. Beware, it's not like real maple syrup, it's like Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima style (supermarket brand) except it's sugar free. I put it in a glass bowl and microwave it for 30 secs/minute. Makes your protein pancakes taste like the real thing, instead of a compromise.


Congrats Phatkins.

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Cool stuff.


I have used Molly McButter Butter sprinkles for a couple years now. they are awesome on anything that usually takes butter. I also have tried the cheese flavor. Not a big fan. The only thing i like the cheese sprinkles on is ground beef mixed with rice or a green veggie, when i am trying not to add extra fat/cals from real cheese.


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lol, I don't remember.


frank's red hot. classic. wonderful. makes tuna... GOOD-ish. haha. seriously though, it makes bland or bad tasting [healthy] food much better.


Sambal Oelek, hot spicy Indonesian sauce. Mmm.


If you're bored with your burger... sprinkle on some Johnny's Season Salt. It's Amazing.

Molasses is an interesting additive - very sweet; but kills the sweet tooth urge Fast.

Cloves are a nice addition to some things.

Cilantro on chicken - adds a lot of flavor. You can get it fresh in squeezable tubes now.

A little instant coffee in your vanilla protein shake... makes it like a mocha (add some choc protein powder, too.)

Butter spray can be 0 calories & tastes the same.

Cinnamon/nutmeg/cloves + vanilla protein powder + pumpkin mix (un-sweetened) + vanilla flavor = yum!