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Artificial Estrogens in Food Packaging


From time to time I like to post interesting articles you guys (and gals) may be interested in. This is regarding the number of products containing artificial oestrogens and the amount we are consuming everyday.




"How exactly BPA enters the human body is not yet clear, although eating food kept in BPA-containing packaging, breathing household dust and handling plastics that contain BPA may all contribute to our daily exposure."

In house-hold dust... how the fuck does dust have plastic in it?

I do my best to avoid BPA at all costs, stainless steel, purified water, never heat plastic, always opt for tin foil instead of tupperware, ect. Although, I still have canned tuna from time to time. Hard to avoid it and other estrogens, seems like we're getting bombarded with them at every angle.

It's the new world order's plan to feminize the males so they are more efficient and obedient slaves. It's sad because they appear to be succeeding.


Why wouldn't it? plastic wears (from friction) and would be expected to produce dust, wouldn't it?

But think of your Aluminium levels! (Altzheimers?)


Hopefully the wild blueberries will combat Alzheimers like JB said; I aim for five servings a week.