Articles Starting to Get on My Nerves

So I’ve been an avid T-Nation reader for some years now. I went from your typical 17 year old “article bro”, to the present day, where a lot of the knowledge has been applied and tested and, frankly, thrown out (this mostly applies to other BB+Strength websites, so no worries!). Reiterating on the previous sentence, T-Nation quickly became the first site I checked for articles, and then the ONLY site. I found the no-bullshit, zero tolerance approach of some of the coaches to be very appealing.
Anyway, long story short, I’ve noticed a trend that’s getting pretty old pretty fast. Articles are being recycled hard and fast. And no, I’m not referring to the ninja inserts of articles from previous years, but articles that were “NEW” 2-3 months ago and are coming back with a fresh date stamp. Guys, I’ve read this 5x now. I’ve read that 3x, etc, etc. Not only is this occurring, but if any “NEW” articles do come out, they are usually just reinterpretations of fancy revisions of old articles. Last but not least, the “2 sentence long” articles are becoming frequent and annoying. I feel like if I want links to another site or to clinical data, I’ll go looking for it. Not find it disguised as an article.
Anyway, enough rant. Just wanted to give some “constructive” feedback and remind T Nation this is about 90% of the reason I haven’t bought any Biotest products, and don’t plan to.

Glad to hear it. We repost older articles because there are something like 3,200+ articles in the T Nation archive and plenty of them are just as useful today as they were when they first appeared, and there are tons of readers who haven’t seen them yet.

Not actually true. If older articles are re-published with a new date, they’ve generally been re-edited and/or revised. There are still brand new articles coming in regularly, several per week actually.

Pretty sure you’re referring to tips. They’re intentionally short bites not full articles, and they say “TIP:” in all caps before the title to indicate that’s what they are. They’re not “disguised” as anything.


[quote]I went from your typical 17 year old “article bro”, to the present day, where a lot of the knowledge has been applied and tested and, frankly, thrown out (this mostly applies to other BB+Strength websites, so no worries!).
You’re 340 pounds, 35% bodyfat, with a bodyweight bench and a just-slightly more than bodyweight deadlift. You may want to double-check the stuff you’re “applying” vs what you’re throwing out. I could suggest some reading material that will help, if you’d like.


So you don’t support the site through supplement purchases (your call) and you don’t plan to, but you think the company should produce articles based on what you, a non-consumer, wants?



This site is one of the best sources of FREE training and diet information. Usually, I’d say you get what you pay for, but in this case Biotest is offering great information for nothing.


I like the tips! I don’t always want to read the whole article. :grin:


I will say this site is at least open about Biotest and isn’t constantly harping on it. It’s actually a great example of content marketing done right, but you do have to keep a critical eye out on what is being sold. I do think more objective articles on supplements and brand purity demonstrated by independent labs would sell more people like me. The training articles and interactive forums with the right authors are second to none.


I like the Tips. Quick and to the point. I have noticed articles cropping up again but there are plenty of new ones; plus I never see any harm in re reading something. I often notice things I didn’t the first time.


I actually like the the tips on the front page, but I wish there was a way to filter them out of the article archive. There are literally 2-3 a day it seems and finding the actual new articles can be hard between those, the reposts, and the content that gets bumped from Facebook clicks.

I’m in favor of all those things, but it would be nice to be able to find the actual new articles without sifting through dozens of older ones and the tips

Just some Constructive criticism from a level 100 :slight_smile:


Well this gave me a good chuckle


I can see how some articles seem half hearted sometimes and some are full of some prett bizarre stuff, normally the “do this ONE thing” kind of articles but a lot of the authors have certain deadlines and expectations. Not every article is going to fit in with your opinions but there’s a reason they’re employed as authors, and you’re not.

Irregardless of what articles are good or bad, what are old and new you should be wise enough to disregard without comment what doesn’t fit into your philosophies, and it you don’t have philosophies then your life will never reach true success. I’m afraid this is just a case of quit your bitching, work hard, train hard, enjoy life and find ways to motivate yourself and not have others motivate you. Motivation and inspiration are different things and shouldn’t be confused

people are ungrateful

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Thank you for your use of irregardless. I keep telling people that while it’s not the “correct” word to use, it is still acceptable. As such, I’m trying to bring it back into the common vernacular.

I Like this tips, its really very helpful for me .i love this article

@Chris_Colucci is a savage :joy:

Another level 100 member here, whatever that means. Probably that I spend too much money here.

Let’s be honest though, the quality of the articles has degraded over the years.

And for Pete’s sake, give John Rusin a day off or release him from your article writing labor camp :smiley:

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Not until we’re done with him :drevil:

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