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Articles Regarding Creatine and NO Supplementation


Hey guys,

I'm working on a research proposal/ article on the effects of supplementation on strength gains. I'll spare you most of the details but basically I'm gonna use 4 levels of the Independent Variable Control, Creatine, NO, and placebo.

I need to cite some previous research in the article, and our journal subscriptions are absolutely pathetic here. With that in mind I was hoping some of my fellow T Men (T Women too, to be gender correct) could lend a hand to a brother in need.

Its too late to interlibrary loan hard copies, so if you had access to electronic copies that would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you have done your own work, I would love to include that (however this is all mock, so I will not actually be publishing anything)

Thanks guys


come on...

share the wealth


love to see some info on that though. good luck


I'm not goin to actually do the study for this class...

but my hypothesized results are gonna be that all groups see a strength increase during the period, control the least, placebo and N.O. slightly more, and creatine the highest increase. Basically to suggest that N.O. supps are a waste of money and that the public should be more educated on what they are taking. I would love to find some research to support this, but I guess I'm going to have to generalize from studies in medical journals regarding such things as creatine and compartment syndrome- Time to get my BS machine running!


Why not use an online database like ScienceDirect or Elsevier? I'd say at a bare minimum, 40% of the articles you are looking for are available in an electronic format, which you can print off if you want.

When I was doing research at college, I VERY rarely sought out interlibrary loan or even got a hard copy from my own school, and NEVER actually browsed my school's journal collection.

I cannot believe that your university does not have access to electronic databases. Even the local community colleges near my house (in Nebraska!) have them.




Since you seem to want to show that NO products are a waste of money, check out those two articles. There are plenty of references in there as well if you want to go to actual studies.

However, if you're just doing a proposal and not actually a study of your own, then those articles should be very helpful, at least for the NO portion of your proposal.


Yeah, I need actual studies since this is a formal proposal.

We do have some electronic databases, however the school doesnt subscribe to any journals regarding sports medicine so I don't have access to the spedific articles I need.

Just another gripe towards this school which I'm paying through my nose in loans to go to.

I will see if I can drudge up any of the cited sources in those articles, thanks


Read some of the articles on this sight.

If they talk about results of a study, it will have a reference. Look up that reference. Bingo Bango, your done.

I don't think anyone on here is going to do that for you.

Have fun, literature reviews are fun (gags)...


The fundamental problem here is that I do not have access to the journals these articles are cited from. As I've mentioned, our subscriptions are worthless for anything pertaining to sports science. They don't offer any such classes let alone a major or even a tract for those with my interests.


Even if you don't have access to the full texts of articles, you could get a rough picture of what past research has been done by reading abstracts. Use Google Scholar to find those for free.

If your institution doesn't have the subscriptions you need, check interlibrary loan to see which schools do - you might be able to just get to their libraries and get it yourself without bothering with the whole ILL process.

Either of those routes is probably going to be better than asking for full texts of articles - there are hundreds of articles about there about creatine alone.

Good luck!


it is too late to ILL

I've solved the problem by callin a buddy in med school and gettin his login info

gotta love it when you pay 30,000+ a year in loans that you and only you will repay, and your institution does not give you the tools to study your intrests


I know what you mean, happens to me all the time. I was suggesting to bypass ILL just by physically getting to another school's library (by driving there or something). You can use ILL to view other school's subscriptions. Might help in the future.


yeah, thats a good point. Unfortunately I'm swamped with 6 papers, 4 down so far, and 2 left due Monday, so I don't have the time to drive around. Not to mention the chaos which ensues in college libraries at this time of year!