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Articles on Figure Athlete or T-Nation


FigureAthlete has better articles as a whole than T-Nation

Ever since the big break and then the separation of the two sites I have noticed that the articles on T-Nation are dwarfed in quality compared to FigureAthlete. I mean, who the hell cares about some old washed up drug addict named the Blonde Bomber?


holy shit.


Feel free to submit some articles of your own from your vast intellectual repertoire so that we might bask in your superior knowledge.


I do, it was an interesting read.


Fuck you. I don't normally get too livid on these forums, but you can eat my sack. Dave Draper is a stand up guy and I doubt you've done anything or are anyone that entitles you to belittle him.


Hmm...you sound like a cry-baby pussy; and a fag one at that.

In any case, the latest article about some guy that wasted his life away on drugs is just one example of the articles on T-Nation dropping in quality. I could point out others...the subject of my thread was the quality of the articles and you and others get distracted on a single article I chose to use as an example.


Funny, you call me a crybaby pussy when you're the one that logged on to bitch and complain about a drop in quality of a free service. Further, it telling that you used a homophobic slur as a pejorative term.

I'll agree with you that the quality of the articles has been hit and miss lately, say the last six months or so, but the Draper interview was a hit.


I'm not a bodybuilder, but how was that a bad article? He was one of the greats back in the day, so people are interested to read about him. What do you find lacking/what do you think there should be more of?


You posted in the article discussion forum so you can plainly see that many people enjoyed the article.

You aren't the only person here.

The anti steroids community is stronger over at FA because many of the fat cows that post there don't realize that many women use them too.

There's some great ladies at FA, but there's also a lot of rank beginners who will never achieve anything and spend all of their time talking shit.

You'd probably fit in better over there.


Ok, so, you like the articles over at FA better than those posted on the Nation. Fantastic.

Did anyone EVER ask for you opinion on the matter? If you were so interested in what anyone else thought, why not just pose your question with respect to the fact that this sight has offered time over time quality content rather than lambast one article you happened to not care for?

In other words, i bet your friends in real life think you're a douche too


I don't read FA but the T-Nation articles have been a little weak lately. BUT, the shit is free so who the fuck am I to complain? AND, I respect the fact that dudes like Chris Colucci, Nick Tuminello, and Nate Green (et al) are getting their names out there doing work instead of sitting back on the sidelines bitching about how the articles suck. I might not like their articles, but I don't really think I'm their target audience either.

That being said, the articles by CT and Poliquin are always awesome. I would also like to see more from Joe DeFranco, but I guess he's busy with his Q&A on his own site.


I enjoyed todays article a lot. Maybe because I'm a blonde guy myself, but I do have to agree a little with the original poster, just not so much about todays article.

This could be the fact of me becoming more engrossed in my girlfriends training, but the articles at FA have turned it up a notch, except todays sucked. Sorry, hard to get excited about a posing article if your goal is not hitting the stage.

In general FA has picked it up a notch, led by the Wet Wolf. Who is this guy really? He knows his stuff and his "Kiss bodybuilding workouts goodbye" program got great results on my lady.

It seems T-Nation has dedicated itself to side projects and broadening the target audience, I can't complain I have been coming here everyday for years for the daily articles and will continue to do so. Props to mmllcc for posting the topic that a lot of us have been thinking about but didn't bother posting because of the subsequent flaming that would occur.

I say T-Nation and Figure Athlete have a duel, then make-up sex to produce even bigger, better articles.


Shit, am I the only one that remembers when you had to wait until Friday evening for the articles to come out?

I must be getting old.


'This one's a candy corn!'

"Well they can't all be winners."


how did he waste his life exactly? he didnt die u dumb shit haha he lived his life doing what he loved being a bb so umm..


Figure Athlete has been killing it with some great articles.

They seem to really focus on some useable info. Recently I liked the article they had about "questions asked most often by clients" to the trainers. I am paraphrasing the title.

They seem to focus on the goals of their members and give them tools they can use, like the posing article.

I am not a competitor, but they have some good nutrition and training articles happening over there. And they have a RECIPE FORUM, which we should have over here.

Lord knows some of you folks eat a lot, and some of you need to eat more.




In my estimation, Dave did his own thing and lived how he wanted to. He enjoyed being big and strong, so he put that to use building furniture, and I bet he loved doing it. I'd say the guy who sits in a cubicle all his life and works out some times just trying to get 'toned' is the one wasting his life. Seems Dave just got caught up in the surrounding life style a bit, but found his way through it and lived his life the way he wanted.

I found the article inspiring in those respects. Keep an open mind.


Do those of you who are getting your panties in a wad about the Dave Draper comment think that article was the focus of this thread, or that the OP was saying, "hey Figure Athlete has been posting some good articles"?

I liked the Dave Draper article because I like seeing if they've kept up the lifestyle and their looking back on things.

But I also think FA is doing a good job with their articles.

It's okay, you can look at both sites, you aren't being disloyal or becoming girly-men


Hey, did you know they have different Figure Athlete pics up over there?!?


Why wasn't I made aware of this??
Scuba Steve, Damn you!!