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Articles on Carb Depletion for 30-60 Day Window?

Hey folks. Got my old 20 year reunion comin up this spring. While I am lifting strong again and generally eat pretty clean , I do look like a 38 year old. Vanity prevailing, I was thinking of doing some cutting close in to the date to look a bit more like I used to. My plan was a combo of adding in more sprint days to my current lift schedule and banning all carbs from the diet 30-60 days out. Reducing calories hard maybe for the last 1-2 of weeks.

This is a very girly thing to do, probably - but I am considering it. Do you wise people have any advice or recommendations? I am sure there good articles about what BBs do before events to look their best - care to link me to a few here? How far out do you focus on this stuff? What’s the recommended calorie level, etc.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

OK - so drink all the light beer I can stomach and follow that with my weight in wonderbread, followed by soy milk?

Maybe I should search function the topic, but I was hoping to get a little human advice. Surely someone here has some thoughts on the topic or articles that are best to consult?

Come on lads!

do a search on carb cycling.

a basic approach that works for me when i care to implement is keeping all carbs around my training, i.e. the meal before, my post workout shake, and then my next solid meal will all have some carbs in them, the rest of the time it’s just protein, healthy fats, and veggies.

carb depleted steady state cardio on non-training days, and some form of interval training on your heavy lifting days


I follow a carb-cycling approach with some success. This is a good article:

Another good one:

If fat loss is your primary goal, consider doing only one high carb day per week. Make sure it’s the day you do your most important weightlifting session. It’s really important to limit fats as much as possible on this day; take in incidental fats only. On your other lifting days, take in a medium amount of carbs (~1 g/lb of bodyweight). On all other days (ie, cardio and rest), keep carbs as low as possible, and let your fat and protein intake go up. Make sure your fat is of a healthy variety (natural almond butter is my personal favorite; natty PB is good too). Good luck reaching your goals.