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Articles For a Newbie to Read?

Hey guys
Ive a buddy new to weightsn who really wants to get into it and am going to show him T-Nation but what articles on here would u recommend him read to et the basics of weight training down#? Cheers!






Click on my username to get to my profile, then click on favorites and you will find some of what I consider the better articles from T-Nation going back to its creation.

All of them.

“To know something is better than not to know it.”

Plus they tell a great story as you read them from the first ones ever posted to this weeks. Oft is the time when i imagine i should print out every article on here using my computer lab fee ($15 of extortion).

Where did vrooms sticky post go of all the good beginner stuff?


[quote]Avocado wrote:
All of them.

“To know something is better than not to know it.”

The flip-side, however, is that a little knowledge can kill you.