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Articles About Injuries Please

Either there’s been a lot of people posting recently about injuries suffered in the gym, or I’m sensitized to this issue by the fact that I suffered a back injury myself.

So, how about this: an article, or a series of articles, regarding the typical injuries that might occur while doing the major exercises (bench press, squat, deadlift, etc.), how to avoid those problems, what to do after the injury occurs, etc.

I know there is some information on this topic posted before on T-Nation, but perhaps a refresher is timely now - if indeed there are more people than usual posting about injuries and it’s not just my imagination…

It’s almost like you’re saying someone should write an article about creatine. There are at least a dozen articles like this. There are several articles discussing form (re: how to avoid injuries by using proper form). There are also all sorts of sources online discussing injuries - stuff from places like the Mayo Clinic.

Have you read all of the articles? What specifically should be addressed?

Eric Cressey has written a 3-part article for this site that might just be the best practical article on shoulder health for athletes out there.

Mike Robertson has written articles on knee health and has followed that up with a book entitled “Bulletproof Knees” that you can order.

The two of them also take time to answer tons of questions in their Locker Room. Reading through those articles and their Locker Room will answer almost any question you might have.