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Article: TSA Searching Kids - Thoughts from Parents?



"But some in the U.S. government are defending the "modified" search policy in place for children 12 and younger. They state the policy, which includes reaching inside the child's pants in an attempt to search for possible explosive devices, is clearly stated on the agency's website."

So, I understand that the article is a bit sensationalized, but I wouldn't be ok with a stranger reaching into my kid's underwear in the name of safety. Would you?

TSA is largely comprised of folks who couldn't cut it in law enforcement and similar public sector positions. Waste of fucking money if you ask me.





Abso-fucking-lutely not. I'll drive wherever we were going to go before that happened.


Not a chance, nor am I that fond of hitting my potential children with radiation.

"the contact was initiated in the interest of preserving national security."

Wait, what? National security is not at risk from the contents of a 6 year old's underwear.

The astounding lack of common sense displayed in all levels of government (and in both parties) is truly frightening.


Let me be clear on one thing. This:

"In some states a stranger touching or feeling a child's groin/genitalia can be construed as a felony sex crime."

Is ALSO bullshit. I think propaganda fanatics who love to distort shit like this without considering CONTEXT--i.e., what TSA agent would PUBLICLY even attempt to commit a "felony sex crime" against a CHILD--are some of the worst scum on the planet (the propaganda fanatics, I mean).

I don't think the girl was harassed. I still think the TSA is worthless.


TSA can suck on mah ball sack


What. The. Fuck.

I'm not a parent so I don't know how my feelings would change, but it already seriously upsets me.

From the article: "In some states a stranger touching or feeling a child's groin/genitalia can be construed as a felony sex crime." Exactly...


Don't threaten them with a good time Mac !

One day, I hope one of these kids drops a steaming turd in their pants while being frisked, and tell the TSA they have a weapon of mass destruction in their pants. I saw an old man do this at the FCI I was at, fucking hilarious.


It's not out of context, they ARE strangers. And I agree, that would be an outrageous thing to say about the TSA officer based on the article alone.

However, at what point does this genital-touching patdown turn from uncomfortable to wrong? It's too quick to give a reasonable answer but that still doesn't discount what this could do to a child psychologically. The girl was crying. Sure she's a child but who the hell knows how that may manifest itself (or not) down the road in 10, 20 years?

Some child perverts don't go out and molest children. They join the TSA and get away with it. LOL but seriously, with all this TSA molesting bullshit in the news, is it hard to believe that perverts won't try and take advantage by signing up for a job?


5 years from now, how many threats to national security do we predict will be averted because the TSA decided to feel around inside childrens pants? Honestly? It's beyond ridiculous now, I would never let a stranger put their hands under my kid's clothes, and I don't care if they're only touching "sensitive areas" with the "back of their hand"... Nor do I want them walking through a scanner that takes nude pictures of them and delivers a possible dose of radiation.

This stuff is a greater threat to our security than any terrorists.

Naturally the people that came up with the ideas and enacted the rules think it's all perfectly fine, as they board their private jets without ever waiting in line, being stopped, or invasively searched.


The problem is the federal government can only put into place strict guidelines for employees to follow instead of allowing employees to use common sense. Allowing employees to use common sense would cause for there to be too much discretion in whatever practices are followed and I'm sure would cause a quadrillion lawsuits by people who feel (justly or unjustly) they were treated wrong under the policies.

I agree, this whole thing is ridiculous but unless someone can come up with something better I don't see a solution. Letting kids go through the airport security system unscathed isn't the best idea, either. Regardless of explosives, it wouldn't be hard to hide a handgun in their pants, either.


I don't like it, but they have to search children. Parents have been known to hide contraband on their kids without their kids knowing what's going on. I mean I hope they come up with a better way, but you can't exclude children because people will hide shit on their kids. It's the fucked up parents that ruin it for everybody else.


Consider this: We are teaching a generation of children that it is not only acceptable but necessary to let people in uniforms to touch them in ways they do not like. (Some) Rapists and child molesters already use uniforms to gain entry to a victim's person. This just makes it easier for people to be violated as children and as adults.


This depends on the definition of the contra-band. It is not the TSA's job to look for drugs during the search. I do not know how small a knife or gun people are trying to get onto plans, but I am not sure how you hide that is a small child's clothes - the only exception might be if the kid has significant fat rolls.


Knives can be really small.




Exactly. Also the radiation from the security scanning isn't bad at all. You get much more from the actual plane ride.


But with the rise of obesity these days...


I don't understand being against the scan. Such a big deal to have an officer see a "naked" scan of a child who might be hiding explosives. Guess you aren't familiar with child soldiers. No harm is done from seeing a scan. Sure it's a hassle and stupid and useless in general, but it does make the life of terrorists much more difficult.
Guess you don't want to be looked at, but would rather be blown up.


Consider this, you are teaching a generation of children that it is ok to be searched, drug tested and silenced in public schools alone, an occasional sexual molestation at airports is just a finishing touch.