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Article Requests?


One of the greatest things i have noticed about T-Nation is that the authors are aware of whats being discussed within the forums.

If lines are drawn and articles referenced you can be sure that a new article with often unheard and unconsidered aspects gets published.

However, ive seen very little published on some topics and would like to see more. Do you think there are aspects of training, supplementation or culture that havnt been covered?

Id love to see some more on creating Complexes and how they can be used.

Id love to see more by Cy/TP. The foundations of supplements and research dont really seem to be covered. Only case by case dissections. I understand this is a very broad topic but i havnt ever seen a discussion for the layman. I dont care if its above most of our heads...

Id love to see examples of how to very slowly raise weight whilst maintaining BF% (Hides from Prof X)

and of course pics of Berardi's playmate friends :wink:



Here comes the professor and he doesn't look like he has friendly intentions with his stethoscope.......