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Article Regarding Favorite Workout Music Posted Today

Did y’all see this post today?

Want to share what ya are listening to atm… I’m loving this cover band…

And as a chick, I really like this one

Bound to find a lot of results in these topics too


Newbie here and am still learning! Thanks, I’m a little frightened to hear what people listen to especially during PR time, though…

I’m afraid I might hear someone’s fav slip into my head…

Yeah we have beat this dead horse to dust…lol

I got this article in my Facebook feed.

My tastes end up varying pretty widely.

Another thing from my Facebook feed: The one woman I know from growing up who is a fitness/BB competitor also really super likes Halestorm.

I wonder what the data suggests once they drill down into specific segments.

My conclusions from these threads so far has been that different people like different music. And that some people like to listen to music while lifting.



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It’s not always that I enjoy listening to music, it helps me remain focused. I’m finding that if I listen to music, clean my equipment, don’t make eye contact, I get what I need done in my set timeframe. Keeps me in my zone. However, if I blasted a Taylor Swift song, I might get “space” :thinking:

Resting bitch face let’s you use all the equipment you want too!

Till I collapse is a fantastic workout song. Probably in my top 5 rap workout songs.

That’s not very nice, And I try not to be a rude person. I just have a set time, and I can chill A little while I cool down.

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Indeed, rap is great at times, and Eminem can kill numerous songs. I love that song, I just transition based on my workout or mood. That’s why I asked what people are listening to now, I try to evolve myself. As far as Eminem, to remain in the rap game is extremely difficult, props for that, too. He’s reinvented himself well until his new album, blah

I just appreciated this cover band and how she nails old school songs and reminds me of “my youth”. As a female to hear her nail Brian Johnson vocals, I’m in awe…

On a different note, I need to look around the forum for two days post legs walking up/down the stairs motivational songs to hum to myself so I don’t feel forced to ask for assistance. It’s not appropriate to ask someone to carry you up the stairs is it? Jk

Uhmmm… I’m not very nice, but this was just a joke referencing another thread about using all equipment to set up for complexes.


Ya seem to chill to be responding to me. I try to have balance…

@ChickenLittle her middle name is chill


@timber @ChickenLittle I have to because my sister has an intense mental illness at times. Word choice is important with her, and I realize it’s transitioned into my entire life.

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Rap,metal,jazz, whatever, just share somethime when u want, peace

Ya asked gotta shout out to jmk

nice song, what mean jmk or ya ? thx ^^

Im sorry as I was posting on a walk testing the probability of walkers scattering as I approached.

To answer you properly, as I apologize for my word choices. I’d also like to thank you for pointing out my slang that might not be understood by others. I need to be more mindful of others as posts/texts can be clumsy, and I wouldn’t want to confuse others or not convey my points as effectively on this forum.

First, I used the word “ya” means “you”, as I’m in the state of Texas, and “y’all” is common for the plural “you”. I incorporated “you guys” in my vocabulary until about a year ago, and my girlfriends told me I was sexist so many time that I chose to back to my roots.

Secondly, JMK stands for the lyricist James Maynard Keenan. (Lead vocals for Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer) If you would like some of my favorites, I’d be happy to link!

Peace to all out there!