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Article: Protein Pulsing for Natural Bodybuilders

" (…)So you either need periods of higher protein intake preceded and followed by periods of a lower intake to create that spiking effect(…)"

How long should a period with lower intake last?
Should there be meals without protein (when you eat every 3-4 hours) or does this mean that you shouldn’t drink bcaa throughout the day?

Will some leucine before every meal boost the spiking effect?

No, but it will help increase mTor activation prior to the meal (consume it 15 min before) which might theoretically increase protein synthesis/muscle building from that meal.

Is there a reason why one would supplement leucine as opposed to glutamine or lysine? Curious as to the differences.

Leucine and glycine are the amino acids that have the greatest impact on mTor activation. mTor is the trigger than initiate protein synthesis/muscle building.

Glycine could also be used but its a neural inhibitor. Which is good in the evening because it helps you relax by reducing neuronal activity, but a bad idea during the day.

Glutamine doesn’t have a significant impact on mTor. It can be turned into glucose fairly easily so people on a low carbs diet can use it post workout to increase glycogen replenishment. It can also have a small impact on the immune system but its most important effect is on gut health and in reducing the acid load of a meal.

Personally I see no benefit of glutamine from a muscle-building or performance standpoint but it can have a small health benefit.

I see lysine a bit like glutamine… very little impact by itself on muscle building but might have small health benefits.

I never recommended supplementing with lysine, and have use glutamine only in some specific cases (gut issues, when immune system is weak).

Guess that means I should get some leucine then. Good to know.

You don’t have to. Honestly its great in theory. And I’ve talked about it in the past. But I doubt that it amounts to a real significant different if your protein intake is high.

Heck, recent studies have shown that if you protein intake is high BCAAs have no added benefits.

I like glycine post workout to help bring the CNS down to reduce stress after a workout while having the mTor activation benefit

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