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Article Paralleling Arnold w/ Andi Munzer



This is an interesting article that draws a parallel between the lives of schwarzenegger and Andi Munzer, a top 6 finisher at the Arnold who died, apparently from the aftereffects of diuretics


Sorry, I found it to be full of cliches & sensationalist 'journalism'.


I read a book called 'Muscle' (English print I think), and it definitely reached quite a bit trying to parallel the two. Basically you had one young German bodybuilder who looked up to an older German bodybuilder and tried to emulate his career. Not much more than that, but whatever.



Another interesting Arnold article of sorts. It was actually an interview he did years ago for Oui magazine.


lulz were had in that article. The entire description of the spectacle had me laughing. Definitely seems like sensationalist journalism.


i liked this one. gave you a sense of who Arnold really was but also kinda showed how he could get away with doing so many things "wrong"