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Article on Weight Loss at Various Levels of Current Condition


I can't remember if it was on here, but I remember some time ago reading an article about weight loss strategies for people of different levels of current conditioning, age, etc. It did mention that people in the 30% BF should look at weight loss if I remember right, and it went down to the fat loss of those already in the single digit BF%.

Anyone recall? Maybe I am putting a few articles together.


Miyaki’s “5 Ways to Improve Insulin Sensitivity”, maybe?

">25% body fat: Low-carb diets would be the best. Think Paleo, Caveman, LaLanne’s “if man made it don’t eat it”, or Poliquin’s “run, fly, swim, green and grows in the ground” approach.

12-25% body fat: Stick with the “earn your carbs” theme. If you’re consistently strength training like a madman, you can reintroduce carbs back into your diet. Start slowly, perhaps 0.75-1.0g/lb of lean body mass. Targeted timing matters - spread intake over periods where insulin sensitivity is at its highest (peri-workout and breakfast).

<10% body fat: In addition to peri-workout nutrition and breakfast, I think carbs should be a consistent part of the diet for this demographic. Something like a traditional bodybuilding high protein, moderate-to-high carb, lower fat, with fat as a by-product of protein sources approach. I would go with 1-2 grams protein per pound of lean body mass spread relatively evenly over the course of the day. "