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Article on Posing ?


I was told you did an article or wrote out something on each pose any chance you have it stored on your computer gone through most of your PAGES and pages of articles (lol) and i can't find it anywhere.

Putting up pictures in like week and a half don't want to look like dogshit just standing there lol. I was told if you can't pose then you can't make yourself look good so bit worried !



I don't remember writing something of the sort


It's ok thanks anyway, Mighty Stu linked me to a You-Tube video.

Thanks for your time anyways. And that vein running all the way down your arm looks unreal you looked really good at 215, god knows how big you look at 245 lol.


I know you said you found something on YouTube already, but I got this out of the archives this morning - Maybe this is what you were referring to (#2)?



Thanks alot !