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article of interest??

Well now not only is the general North American population too lazy too get in shape now they have something else to blame it on. This will give an excuse to every joe and jane fatass who really just is lazy to have an excuse for it. This may help people who have medical conditions of obesity which obviously would be good. I can just forsee lazy people using it as yet another excuse not too exercise.
Read the article here: http://content.health.msn.com/ content/article/2731.2483
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That link didn’t work for me. I think I found the article you’re referencing by going to health.msn.com and clicking “stop yo-yo dieting”. (hope that’s the right one) The article contains some great advice from an expert: substituting a bagel for your morning cinnamon bun will result in an 8-10 lb. weight loss over six months. That’s great!!! I’ve substituted veggies and lean meat for pizza, which means in about 5 years, I will lose enough weight to disappear completely!

Nope, that’s not the right article. There is a space in the link right before the word “content”, remove this space and you will get the article.

Anyways, I think that is crap. Now all the fat people who live at McDonald's and eat 6 Big Macs per meal are gonna say "see, it isn't my fault." What a load of crap.

It’s so stupid …

Yesterday, there was an interview on the radio with the guy in charge of obesity research in Alberta (I’m in Edmonton, Groove).

The. Head. of. Obesity. Research.

And he REFUSED to deviate from the concept of BMI as a sign of obesity. If your BMI was over 25, you were fat. When asked how should people lose weight, you know what he said? Eat less. Not exercise more. Not eat differently. Not educate yourself.).

The. Head. of. Obesity. Research.


OK, they say they found this obesity gene. But what the hell does it do? Does it increase the number of fat cells? Does it affect insulin resistance? Maybe it affects leptin? Maybe it affects serotonin and satiety? Maybe it affects aromatase levels and conversion of T to E? Basically, they found a pattern in DNA, but they don’t know what the hell it actually does. What good is that? Maybe there are actually 17 unique “obesity genes”! They just don’t know.

Hey another Albertan!!! Alright. Do you ever come down to Lethbridge. I think it is like 8 hours away but I’m not sure as I just moved to Lethbridge from ONtario, for school. Once we get this whole T antion thing up and running you’ll have to come down to Calgary, which I think is the place where most of us live around. You guys got snow on the ground yet? We do.
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We got snow a couple days ago (dicey driving for a bit), but now it’s all evaporated. This is the first dry Halloween I can think of.

I dunno, Calgary is awfully far … I’m currently trying to recruit people in my home town.

Makes sense. It is pretty far, but if your ever gonna be in the area give me a shout on the forum and maybe we could hook up.
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