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Article. No One Is Born in ‘The Wrong Body’

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I believe our brain can come up with all sort of things, especially if it’s all over the media. Transgender thing was hardly a case couple hundred years ago.

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I have a feeling you have not looked very far into this concept.


What great things having to write an article like that says about society.

I think it’s funny when people who believe in God say that transgenders deny scientific reality.


I was born into the wrong body. I should look like mid-70s Arnold but instead I look closer to 70 year old Arnold.



I’m a big fan of pointing out convinient hypocrisy. Def got a little snort outta me haha.

Theres a South Park episode where a little Jewish boy thought he should have a body of a tall black basketball player. Also there was a lawyer who wanted to be a dolphin, they called him Lawfin

Damn never thought about the issue like that…well played.

If you read up on astrophysics, you’d be surprised how plausible a ‘god’ (whatever that means, for most people not an old man with a beard but a higher power) suddenly becomes.

I capitalized the g in God.

Didn’t know that means anything, but I guess it means you’re not an atheist?
Anyways it is besides my point if you believe in it or not. My point was, that the existence of God is not that implausible and nobody can prove one or the other way. That’s why it’s up to opinion/belief.

No, it means I was referring to a particular god, and thus the religion behind him, and not the concept of a god in general.

Can’t prove a negative.

Everything that happens in the universe has an infinitely small chance of happening if we are starting from square 1.

Also, the universe is infinitely large and some say expanding so probability means nothing when you have infinite chances to win.

That said, I think i think gender disphoria is a fairly harmless mental defect with a spectrum just like any other disorder. The odds of ending up in a perfect body are really, really low.

I absolutely can. Just because it’s never happened before doesn’t mean it can’t, what with there being infinite possibilities.

Exactly. No one can prove flying dinopigs, as well as God, doesn’t exist somewhere in the universe. Cant prove a negative.

My intent was to point out that this very sentence was a contradiction, but I don’t think it worked.

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I think you proved, proving a negative is impossible. Which is proving a positive… Regarding a negative. Haha

It actually demonstrates that the very nature that would allow for proving a negative to be impossible necessarily makes it that proving a negative is possible. Just one of the many fun ways that logic can be inadequate.