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Article - Low Free T = High Grade Prostate Cancer

Low free t = risk factor for high grade prostate cancer


Results here. Quoted.

Overall, Towe’s study included 830 consecutive patients presenting to a single surgeon’s practice for management of local prostate cancer. Correlation between total and free testosterone were compared with clinicodemographic of age, preoperative PSA, prostate volume, pathologic grade, and pathologic stage. The study team that patients with free testosterone (FT) level in the lowest quartile (<4.42 nd/dL) had the highest proportion (15.6%) of very high risk (i.e. Gleason grade group 5) prostate cancer. Compared to those with high free testosterone, this was a statistically significant difference.


“Future studies on testosterone replacement therapy and prostate cancer are encouraged, as these findings have significant and widespread benefit.”

Doctors used to think low testosterone was prostate cancer friendly, until they started find an increasing number of low T men with prostate cancer, quite a bit more than the high testosterone group. This is why you should never trust doctors with your life.

Some have paid the ultimate price.

Its common practice to chemically castrate dudes who have prostate cancer. They feel like shit , but hey they’re prostate isn’t enlarged…

They did a study that found that higher levels of DHT cured prostate cancer, so having a high free T, converting to DHT makes sense.