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Article Links on Cutting

Until recently I have never considered cutting in my life. I was hoping some people had some links to some good articles or had a little advice. I don’t want to go about doing this the wrong way and losing a lot of muscle along with the fat. My stats are.

Body Fat=15% according to a water test

I want to drop down to about 10% Body Fat. If I were to go about doing it now, i’d throw in some cardio 3-4 times a week, sprints, sports, and running. For nutrition i’d assume less carbs especially complex, and consume 500 calories less then what I burn during the day.

Also just a note, I do have an extremelly fast metabolism, the extra fat came from eating tons of food to get from 115 to 180.

Any tips to go about doing this would be appreciated, and before anybody tells me to get bigger before I cut. I’m at the size I want, and I just want to drop a few pounds of excess fat…

[quote]magikalcamel wrote:
I was hoping some people had some links to some good articles or had a little advice. [/quote]

It really does boil down to three simple rules:

1 - Eat a little less.

2 - Move a little more.

3 - Do neither to an extreme.

My all-time favorite fat-loss routine is Mike Mahler’s High Octane Cardio:

As for nutrition, I’d start with Dr. Berardi’s 7 Habits:

If you want to do some more footwork, and read more (I don’t suggest reading too much, for fear of confusing yourself. No offense, it’s just that many people tend to overthink things), I’d go to the High Impact section, and wander around the Training, Diet Programs, and Nutrition and Supplement sections.

Two last links, if you want to skip all the thinking (sometimes that’s not a bad thing), Chris Shugart recently had two awesome blog entries.
One on diet:

And one on training:

That should tide you over for a while. Anything else, totally fire away.