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Article in Local Paper

Thought this was rather interesting. Found this article while I was reading the local newspaper. All the bad shit Testosterone gets maybe things are starting to turn around. Hopefully the image comes out.

well then drago must have a photographic memory!

I’ve read that somewhere else, but I dont remember where. I think Ive read it before anyway. huh, maybe I didnt.

Guess this means all you testosterone infested men are full of shit when you claim short term memory loss then huh!!!

No Ericka, it just means we are full of shit period. We probably never claimed short term memory loss, you women just interperet it that way :slight_smile:

Oh, glad to see you finally showed up on this side of the board again.

lol pdog. this arcticle explains alot. you guys always bust my balls about the amount of gear i use. you should see the cutter i am about to start. i will give you a glimpse. prop/eq/winny/tren/t3/clen/eca. prop and eq for 10 weeks. add in winny and tren weeks 6-10. add in t3/clen and eca’s throughout, although i will taper the t3 over a 6 week period. i look for this to be just what the doctor ordered after my bulker put me up to 240lbs.

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not here!

Oh yeah, and I already knew you guys were full of shit. That’s what I like about you all!

fucking drago!

this guy just throws gear in his cycles for the fuck of it!

hes pissed off at us because hes been off for a while, so now hes gonna get revenge on all of us.

why not throw in some primo, hgh, and slin as well?

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not here!

Yea!!! I will try and remember that as I am looking at an empty mailbox. Just go to show how us men get abused and mistreated. No respect for the males these days from women I tell ya.

drago, sounds like a fun cycle.

Pdog, I am gonna use the GH and primo for a similar cycle, minus eq. I actually hit the t3/gh in about 3 weeks, cant wait, I should be pushing 235 by then. Already gained 10lbs since I posted my pic.

If anyone is seriously looking to improve their memory, may I recommend a good book or two?

The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne & Jerry Lucas

Harry Lorayne’s Page-A-Minute Memory Book by Harry Lorayne

These books will transform your ability to remember anything you want to remember, from lists of stuff to people’s names to long numbers.

I read a really good memory book one time. If I can recall what the title was I will let you know.

haha Thumper good shit

Drago that sounds so damn good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

This is not good … nope, not good at all. Some newbie is gonna come along and read that, and then start pokin’ his head with some test he DOESN’T know how to use. Good gawd.

And yes, I read that before in MD.