Article Idea Regarding Transitions

How about each article pertinent to training/dieting give the readers a plan for how to transition into and off of the training/diet, depending on where they are currently at?

I have read the V-Diet forums (no, it wasn’t a dare) and see a lot of people floundering about, not sure of what to do NEXT.

Good/bad idea?

Since this thread is lonely, I’ll post.

Just wondering, does the transition from one training/diet program to another really matter? I would think a drastic change in training program would probably be beneficial for some people. In regards to diet, if someone was going from something like a ketogenic diet to a high-carb diet, it would just make sense to slowly increase carbs so the person doesn’t fall into a carb coma after every meal. But I’m not sure if transitioning really matters in the big scheme of things.

Good. I would be interested in reading this.

It’s been covered in a few articles. The Get Shredded Diet and V-Diet articles come to mind. Both go over transitioning.

I don’t think there’s a need to teach how to transition from one program to the next, unless we’re talking about tapering for an athletic or strength event. That’s been covered in hundreds of books and articles already.

Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss and UD2 books talk about transitions too; so does Dan Duchaine’s Bodyopus.