Article: FDA Outlawing Dietary Supps

[quote]JFG wrote:
That is one disturbing web site…[/quote]

It is the same one that the article in the first post in this thread was copied from:

Of course in the 4th post by midnightamnesia, the article linked states that it is the liver that has 40 times the amount of muscle meat (of arsenic that is). Not to mention the assurances that it is safe to eat.

There is no doubt big pharma is a nice moneymaker in many rich peoples’ portfolios, but to go so far as to think they rule the world is a bit paranoid. It’s funny how as soon as people see billions of dollars they assume there must be string pulling or something when it is simply small actions of 300 millions Americans aggregated.

The unreported story (in the face of reports that food prices are rising) is that in my lifetime (I’m 31) people have spent a lower proportion of their income on food every year except the last couple or so.