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Article Everyone Should Read


good article. i wish more people in power would stand up like this also.

Excellent article.

If only more people had the common sense to recognize the facts vs. media hype.

T-Mag should start it’s own TV show.

Dan Lebatard is great. I saw him the other day on PTI talking about the same stuff- the mass hysteria and over exaggeration of steroid use.

I just sent him an email applauding his work and urging him to continue the crusade of informing the public about the real dangers and side effects of steroid use. Yall should shoot him an email as well.

That’s a great article. Too bad this doc is the exception. He seems to have the same rage most of us do towards the media for their blatant use of BULLSHIT !!!


Daaaaaaaaammmn, that’s awesome. Finally someone telling it like it is saying how the media is full of shit.

Anyone know of a contact at 60 Minutes we can forward this to? lol

Anyone have a contact at 60 Minutes we can forward this article to?? lol

The truth!

But it just makes me angry thinking about the shit the average person believes to be gospel.

‘Men are born ignorant, not stupid; they are made stupid by education.’
~Bertrand Russell