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Article Discussions?


I tried to bump the "To Spill or Not to Spill" thread, but the link seems to be broken

My question is whether or not the site is going to reconsider the return of the "Discuss" link at the end of the articles?

LiveSpill doesn't seem to be as conducive to article discussion as were the article threads. At least in my opinion. It is harder to follow.

I do realize members have the option of starting a thread to discuss an article, but this could cause multiple threads on the same article in different forums.

Also would the authors know to look for those threads?

Have the authors said they prefer LiveSpill? It seems that it would be more labor intensive for a reply. With a thread you can quote the question than follow with the response.

Does it have to be JUST LiveSpill with no "Discuss" link? Why not both?

EDIT: Link not broken, but useful to have working link in this thread.


Is there even an "ARTICLES" forum anymore? I don't see it in the list of forums.

Now.. that seems crazy.

Do they really not want any threads about articles?


The LiveSpill article discussions kinda suck, a lot of the time they glitch etc... i much prefered the old discuss at the end of the article


Thanks Marzouk,

I don't have all the forums enabled, so do you see an "Articles" forum where it would make sense for a member to initiate a thread regarding a current article?


Nope i can't find an articles forum... seems like its gone and i didn't even notice until you brought it up!


Well damn, does this mean they really don't want threads about articles?

Holey moley how bad were the members in their responses to authors? Maybe it is easier to just really moderate LiveSpill?

Does that really make it "live" then?


Most of the time, the threads died not because members were "bad" in their responses - it's that most authors weren't as responsive.

LiveSpill is taking some getting used to, BUT the positive in all this is that, on the whole, the authors are getting a lot more involved. And that's good for everyone =)


LiveSpill looks like a bunch of random responses to who knows what. I miss the article discussion forum. It was easier to read and to reference.


WOW!!!!!! and holey moley because your latest article is what caused this!!!


I'll cast my vote for something to change. It's pretty difficult to see what the original question was asked. I would probably love the spill if it would somehow 'quote' who the answers were for.



that would be a good solution to the problem I am having.

although I do miss the thread discussions.


I also preferred the old discussion forum. I hate having to find where i finished reading last, and who the responses are directed towards. It does seem to random for me as well. And also very glitchy