Article by TC: "Lift Heavy? Then You Need This Cheap Protein"

I was interested to read the article today by TC Luoma, which discusses the effectiveness of collagen for weight lifters. I recently started using this simply because it is unflavored (not a fan of flavors and sweeteners in my protein) and dissolves so easily in any liquid. I buy the Vital Proteins from Costco.

I use it by adding it to my workout shake (20 g of protein), which is a water-based drink, along with electrolyte tabs. It dissolves easily, and is unnoticeable taste and consistency-wise. I have added to to coffee in the past (you know, bullet-proof style), but I prefer just plain black coffee and don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of adding protein to everything. I also use whey for smoothies, but it gets clumpy and is noticeable when added to water-based drinks.

Anyone else use collagen? Thoughts on its effectiveness?

I’ve been using about 15g daily for the last few months following some advice from carnivore MD Paul Saladino. This is due to the potential methionine glycine imbalance you may generate if you fail to consume enough animal skin, cartilage, etc, on many meat diets. I cannot say I have noticed any difference in terms of DOMS, inflammation, etc. I think that on paper it’s worth supplementing with over the long term, for reasons stated in the article.

Yes, this is my experience as well. I have also heard that it helps with skin appearance, elasticity, etc… but I don’t know if this has any scientific support. I will continue to use it, though.

Just thought of this thread tonight while making dinner.

Beef bone broth from Aldi’s. 9 grams per serving. Not bad!

Yeah, only in the US though! Not here in the UK, as far as I know. I would be taking advantage of that while they’re still stocking it. Next week they will be selling organic tofu instead.

I wish Sweden had Aldi

This frustrates me! I find something and I’m like “Yeah! An awesome thing!” then I go back any number of times and poof! Gone.

In the mean time though, yeah, I’m all over it. Only 230 mg. of sodium/cup too, when most are between 500 and 800.

Big fan of both Aldi and Lidl. Everything looks so cheap you end up spending a fortune in there. Then there’s those crazy aisles selling dog blankets, chainsaws and all sorts of mad stuff. I even bought a cheap kilt from there.

I don’t know if Lidl is in the US, but yeah, big fan of Aldi too. The one thing I’m a little wary of is their meats, because they’re almost all treated for better shelf life, but the difference for what I end up paying is waaaay worth parting it out.

The particular one I go to marks things down 50-75% off just before it reaches its shelf life, so I’ll check labels then come back in a few days and get like whole 2.5 lb. salmon filets for like $9.00.


How do you guys consume the beef broth? Simply heat it and sip it?

I typically only use it in soups stews, and gravies. When doing a crock pot roast I’ll braze the beef or chicken, maybe sautee some onions and portabellas, add a quart of bone broth and let that simmer a few hrs.

I’ll thicken with cornstarch or toasted flour (blond/light toasting for chicken, brown/dark for beef) depending on how I’m feeling. Corn starch is easier, but the toasted flour has better flavor.

Or use it to just whip up a quick mushroom/beef/chicken gravy or sauce.

I’m no longer at the point of just chugging it, but there is also bone broth at the grocer designated as “sipping broth”. That just is not for me.

Also, just realized that College Inn broths is actually a play on Collagen. :joy:


I was meal prepping with it for a while.

Cook ground beef, sauté onions and mushrooms, cook white rice, put all ingrediants into a bowl and fill with bone broth. Very tasty and the food was nice a joozy still on days 3-4.


All Aldi/Lidl fresh meat is sourced from the UK and Ireland, where, thankfully, British food standards are a bit better than that.

One of the talking points here is that a future UK/US trade deal may result in us importing chlorinated chicken and having to adopt sub-standard US practices. That’s made a lot of headlines here in the post-Brexit debacle, sorry debate.