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Article!!: Bush, Blair Will Lick YourBoots


The Jamat-ud Dawa blames recognition of Israel and securalizing of the curriculum for the quake. It has openly preached against the acceptance of foreign aid and has spoken about the US being one of the enemies.

[Relief workers from the USA (esp. military personnel) may be attacked since this man holds great influence over the terrorists.]

I think the existance of such people justifies US President Bush's agenda to go after tyrants like the Taleban and the Baath Party.


The Rediff Special/Mohammad Shehzad in Islamabad

'Bush and Blair will lick your boots'

October 26, 2005

Spread over many acres in the heart of I-8 (a posh residential area in Islamabad where the price of a 60' by 90' plot is around 20 million rupees), the Jamia Mosque Quba is run by Jamat-ud Dawa [JD], which is popularly, though wrongly, identified as the Lashkar-e-Taiba -- the largest network of Pakistani militants fighting in Indian Kashmir.
A visitor to the mosque on any Friday at 1 pm will see a long queue of brand new vehicles in which the rich of the twin cities [Islamabad and Rawalpindi] come for the Friday sermon. Some come from the adjoining cities.

Why do they take this trouble when there is no dearth of mosques in their vicinity?

Because they get the opportunity of listening to Hafiz Abdur Rehman Makki, the number two in JD's hierarchy who travels every Friday from Lahore to give a sermon and lead the Friday prayers.

An eloquent orator, Makki has the power to draw tears from his listeners. Last Friday [October 21] this correspondent attended his sermon.

Quoting numerous Koranic verses, Makki justified the earthquake as a punishment of Allah on the sinful.

Ridiculed seismologists who rationalized the quake on scientific grounds, he said: 'You are saying that the earthquake has occurred because the plates beneath the earth have dislocated. Oh foolish scientists, don't you know that the plates could have never moved without Allah's order? Human beings' knowledge is nothing before Allah who is the creator of the universe. Whatever knowledge you have today is due to His will. You could have learnt nothing had Allah not wished so!' He urged the scientists to seek Allah's forgiveness instead of being proud of their so-called knowledge.

'Oh unwise people open Koran. It tells you how so many nations before you were annihilated by Allah through natural disasters when they crossed the limits and refuted His blessings. Don't you learn a lesson from the Jews? They are the worst receiver of Allah's wrath because they flayed His commandments blatantly.'

Declaring natural calamities as Allah's army, Makki said: 'Allah would order His soldiers -- earthquakes, storms, plaques, droughts, and hurricanes -- to invade the disobedient. Thus He would serve a reminder on the survivors i.e. they should abandon vice and adopt virtue.'

'The earthquake is a reprimand to the rulers on their un-Islamic policies e.g. recognition of Israel; maligning jihad and ditching the jihadis; ridiculing jihab; perverting society with obscenity by urging women to work with men in all spheres of life; secularizing the curriculum, etc. Oh foolish rulers, did you ever give it a thought that Islamabad had many towers but only one collapsed? Because Allah did not want all of you to die! He has given you another chance. Avail it and become his obedient beings.'

Criticizing Musharraf's development agenda, Makki said: 'By 2007, Musharraf had to take off veil from women's faces and force them to run with men on road in semi-nude state. He had to put them in dance classes. The quake has perished his plans! Now he has become a beggar. He has to beg continuously for 10 years to rebuild the quake-hit areas!'

Reminding Musharraf that his decision to outlaw jihadi outfits was myopic, Makki said: 'The world has seen that these banned jihadis reached where the army or the US Chinook could not reach and provided relief to thousands of people. Jihadis are not afraid of bans. They are the soldiers of Allah. They will continue to help the people. Nobody can stop them!'

Urging the rulers to reject the aid by the international community and secular NGOs, he said: 'Remember brothers, by accepting their aid, you will lose your honor. You will become their slaves. They will ask you to follow their evil agenda. The UN, the US, and the EU are not the friends of humanity. They are the worst enemies of the Muslims. You should seek help from Allah only.'

Makki claimed that the JD alone could undertake the entire relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation work.

'Only the four districts have been devastated. The rest of the country is in the protection of Allah. The 150 million people can feed and shelter all the earthquake victims. I ask the government to hand over the charge of relief work to JD. We -- the mujahideen -- would do everything alone in minimum time.'

Makki reminded his followers that the Muslims' glory was in jihad. As long as they dedicated money and sons for jihad, they ruled the world. They were trapped in the quagmire of humiliation when they abandoned jihad.

'We can rise again. We can rule the world again. I give you a simple recipe. Donate money and sons for jihad and your glorious days will return. The entire world will be under your control. Bush and Blair will become your slaves and lick your boots.'


What a load of crap. Invade other countries if u want but sooner or later it will bite you in the backside. If you are foolish enough to go to war in Iran (i sincerely hope we don't follow you) You WILL get battered their army is much bigger than the U.S and U.K's combined and over 25,000000 of them have done military service. You want another vietnam? This would be much, much worse. The U.S put the taliban and saddam into power, hint hint "STOP INTERFERING." I''ve been personally lucky enough to go to Iran and it's a beautiful country, with an ancient history. I was made very welcome, far from the axis of evil balls that you get on fox news. Making war is going to breed a whole lot more hate and terrorists, than showing a bit of tolerance.




How wrong can you possibly be.

The US military can handle the Iranian military. Winning the shooting war is comparatively easy. It would probably take a few weeks.

Nation building is the hard part. We would likely have the same issues to deal with as in Iraq.

The US did not put the Taliban or Saddam in power. The fact that you believe these lies makes me believe your entire line of thinking in the area of the middle east is based on erroneous information.

Please stop spreading the lies.


'We can rise again. We can rule the world again. I give you a simple recipe. Donate money and sons for jihad and your glorious days will return. The entire world will be under your control. Bush and Blair will become your slaves and lick your boots.'

Don't the anti-war posters find this quote incredibly disturbing?


I'm kinda with Zap on this (I know, I know; it scares me, too), but with a bit of a twist...

I sincerely hope that the new Iranian PM keeps making those lovely statements about Israel, because I have a ten dollar bet with my father that Israel will be repeating themselves by blowing up Iran's nuclear facilities again.


Agreed, Anti-War does not = pro-terrorism.


Hussein may not have been installed, but you can not deny US-Hussein links:

"Iraq gained independence from its British occupiers in 1932, becoming the first Arab nation to do this. This came about following uprisings started in the south of the country which were violently fought by the British, who at one point used mustard gas to quash insurgents. It was declared a republic in 1958, with Saddam Hussein coming to power in 1979. In 1980 Iraq entered a bitter war with Iran lasting eight years, during which time much foreign financial and military aid was received. America consistently provided intelligence reports to Iraq and on occasion small quantities of weapons to Iran . Their support for Iraq came from a wish to prevent Iranian victory in that Gulf War which was felt could potentially bring down local pro-Western regimes and destabilise the region (the Middle East being the world’s largest oil producing area is clearly high in priority to America and other oil-fuel based countries; regional stability is key to a consistent, cheap flow of oil). Additionally there was a belief and some evidence for the Kremlin having plans for the area, so once again the domino theory was called into play ."

This is a quote from my undergraduate dissertation, here are the refrences:

Reagan’s Realpolitik/ US involvement with Iraq and Iran. The Times of London (edition 1, Wed 17th Dec 1986) Reagan’s Realpolitik/ US involvement with Iraq and Iran.

Ferguson, Niall Colossus- The Rise and Fall of the American Empire (Allan Lane, London, 2004) page 110

Trading with Iraq ‘has to go on’; Parliament The Times of London (edition 4, Tues 1st Nov 1988)


From wikipedia:

The most well-known and feared mujahideen were the various loosely-aligned opposition groups that fought against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989......................

These mujahideen were significantly financed, armed, and trained by the United States (under the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan), Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and China. Reagan referred to these mujahideen as "freedom fighters ... defending principles of independence and freedom that form the basis of global security and stability."

A wealthy Saudi named Osama bin Laden was a prominent mujahideen organizer and financier; his Maktab al-Khadamat (MAK) (Office of Services) funnelled money, arms, and Muslim fighters from around the world into Afghanistan, with the assistance and support of the American, Pakistani, and Saudi governments.

The mujahideen as well as Osama and his Afghan Arabs were supported and sponsored by the US, China and Pakistan. The Taleban was evolved from them. Therefore US (as well as China and Pakistan)indiretly put the Taleban in power.

What goes around comes around.


No one was. So then we are treated to what is really common knowledge:

This is basic information, nothing novel here, but I see you couldn't resist the urge to self-pleasure with a cite to your 'own' material. Everyone knows the US and others decided to choose something bad (Saddam) in favor of something far worse (Iranian control of the ME). Your 'dissertation' didn't shed any light on the conversation here - since no one is disagreeing with the common version of the facts. Embarrassing.

Oh, and just as a matter of style - dissertations are usually submitted for a doctorate, not an undergraduate degree.


You homosexual/french/commie/hippie liberal.


The Taliban did not have any significant presence in Afghanistan until after the US ended its involvement.

The US did not bring the Taliban to power as you have inferred.

I suggest you get more information from books and less from websites. You will likely display a more accurate knowledge of history.


It is well documented that the US supported the Mujihadeen and Osama Bin Laden in against the Soviets. Again, it is not something that should be offensive to you, as they were, in every sense of word, freedom fighters by then (even your beloved Reagan said that). I am merely disputing your claim that the US did not do anything that brought the Taleban in power.

Also, Zap, I have listed one website and I can provide more to further proving my claim.

Since you have an "accurate knowledge of history", can you list any "books" to prove your claims that the CIA did not have anything to do with the sucess of the Mujihadeen?


The Taleban in is evolved from the more hardcore "Afghan Arabs" from the Mujihadeen and Maktab al-Khadamat; of course as a group it was non-existence in the war against the soviets, but all the famous names (Osama, Omar...) all fought in the war and received CIA backed training as a result.


According to the numerous books I have read, the Taliban wasn't even a blip on the radar screen when the CIA was involved in Afghanistan.

OBL refused to attend CIA meetings back in the day because he considered them infidels.

Go to your local library. Check out every book on Afghanistan and the Taliban. Read them all. That is what I did.


You homosexual/french/commie/hippie liberal.[/quote]

That's the kind of arrogant and aggressive attitude that makes it easy to understand the motives of terrorists. If we all had that attitude i think i'd side with the "Axis." Your in denial of the truth because you don't want to accept that we have done anything wrong. Can you deny that the U.S and U.K have killed many innocent people? Is this a laughing matter? By calling me a commie/homosexual I guess you think it is. On a forum like this with enough big guys around i would have thought people
would realise that the real 'macho'
thing to do is to walk away and retain what respect our countries have with the rest of the world. Obviously being "liberal" isn't associated with high T levels.

I do not condone acts of terrorism against innocent people in any way.




Sorry dude, I was just messing with you. It was meant to be sarcastic.

I have some posts here which affirm my central-left ideologies.

As a matter of fact, I'd rather be called a hippie/homosexual/liberal/commie than a convservative.

Also, I live in Cardiff, Wales, not in the US, and I do hope UK does not get involved with the Americans in any future wars.

Just to clarify,