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Article "Bloody Harvest—How Everyone Ignored the Crime of the Century"

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So what can the West or the world do about this?

Very little. They could sanction China, and substantially limit trade with them, but then they’d lose a ready buyer for sovereign bonds and the price of goods would rise.

The track record of the West actually resisting despots outside of an existential threat, or being attacked, is pretty negligible.

Ok, well what the Chinese are doing to the Uighurs amounts to genocide. It would be like the Holocaust only happened in Germany if there was no WWII. How could we have stopped it? No nations in the world are willing to stand up to China.

China has a plan to conquer the world & they are willing to arm themselves and wait it out slowly taking territory though different means (financial, creating fake islands etc) They (& Russia) have studied our tactics, know we are spread thin and it’s their time to move while they have us divided and fighting among ourselves. Too bad no one has created a long, thought out plan to counter their measures, financially, economically, militarily & otherwise. It seems we tried a trade war and they outsmarted us by gathering up other markets. Too bad we did not do the same.

What can be done to stop them? Any ideas? If you were President, what would you do? What should Trump do?

We’ll make it easy on them. Your typical American is an overfed, intellectually malnourished, self involved slob content to waste life on cell phone addiction, corn products and low brow dipshit “entertainment.” I’ve served this country for 24 years and have ZERO faith in my fellow Americans to actually snap out of their phone zombie bullshit and wake up to reality. Fuck em


How do we change that? I’m big in favor of a mandatory 2 year service for 18-20 yr olds in this country. Military, Peace corps, habitat for humanity, national parks, etc. Teach folks what hard work is, and a reference point for how comfortable and easy life is in 21st century America.

Geez I don’t know bro. Seriously. The pendulum will swing back eventually but ffs… What a repulsive gluttonous society we’ve cultivated. Embarrassing.

Perhaps we need to collapse and just start over.

Maybe people have gotten too comfortable and have forgotten what it is to desperately strive for a goal. I’m always surprised at what people think “hard work” is. If you’ve never experienced a hyper competitive, achieve or get fired/killed environment, you probably don’t know how hard you actually can work. Fear is one helluva motivator. Too many people are addicted to being warm, fed, and entertained. And just like any other addict, morals, ambition, and health get thrown out the window in the pursuit of that addiction. There is no striving for a larger, greater goal for most folks.

…In my personal opinion…

For sure. Too many Americans are weak, lazy and entitled. Truly an empty existence. Suffering builds character and true appreciation.