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Article: "Are You Strong?"

Continuing the discussion from @flappinit log.


Are you strong as a raging fire? Swift as a coursing river?

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Alright, I looked at it finally. At least I’m decent at worst and great at best.

Aaaaaaah Yeeeeah. Now what do we do?

Depends on the lifts really, on bench, ohp and rows I’d say I’m pretty strong and on squats and pull-ups I’m a bit feeble (at least relative to bodyweight).



I think you are looking for the Are You Really, Really Strong thread.

Are we supposed to be waving our peens around now or debating the legitimacy of the standards in the first place? Both, I am assuming. Make our own damn article.

Erm, both? I was just trying to get the conversation away from flaps log, to be honest.

Okay, let’s start with the big four. I think the Bench and Squat are pretty fine on the list, the DL is not heavy enough, might need to be at least 2.25 on the Good. Maybe 3 on the Great. Press seems…close? Maybe a smidge low.

For the record, I would rate just short of Good on the Squat, close to Good on the Bench (exceeding it if I can use decline), well over Good on both the DL and a bit over on the Press.

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These standards suck. A decent bench should be 10x bodyweight A good squat should be .22298 times bodyweight. And the deadlift should specifically be 69420 lbs for great.


Mostly between decent and good, but a couple of greats.
When I finally pull 300 I will expect y’all to bow to my greatness! (Please, it’s joke. Nobody get their panties in a wad)


I have achieved greatness or in other words I am a mediocre powerlifter.

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I’m preferential to this table instead,

Because even if you are an outlier in some respects, such as pull-ups the aggregate of how you perform across lifts is taken into consideration.

Also hugely fond of this article


Well let’s not get crazy. I’m good with the other table. I think my prime athlete days probably behind me…:rofl:

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It’d be more fun if you could check the boxes and then based on your responses it would generate a completely random prediction about what life has in store for you throughout the next 12 months!


Oddly, I think some of Wendler’s standards are too easy. But then, he is more talking about athleticism than absolute strength. Given any time to get into some cardio shape, I think I would get close to maxing his test.

I haven’t read the article, but kudos for this reference.

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I think the table in the article is better as it has relative strength, but also just a poundage for each lift. By this table some of the strongest people in the world (pro strongman) are not even advanced in all the big lifts (beginner in pull ups for most).

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The two I refererenced are meant for athletes primarily, and I think apply better to normal people that try to be strong and fit. A chart that meaningfully includes the Rob Obersts of the world and me simultaneously is… unlikely to exist.

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The one from the article does.

Powerlifting went to the Wilks formula as a way to determine who is strong and who is not. Wilks is kinda broken in some respects, and should be revised. I would say a formula like Wilks but with some of the issues fixed would be ideal. Like if you get 150 revised Wilks points on a deadlift you are strong.

With an added column of exceptional, sure. 600 squat, 700 dl. Not sure about bench, it’s not a lift I pay any attention to what anyone is doing with it.