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Article: "Age Matters", Over 60?



Re your recent article regarding age related dietry/training adjustments.
I note that the specific advice seemed to stop about 40.
What about us older codgers in our 60s and beyond still chasing the increasing /maintaining muscle, lowering body fat and keeping healthy. What further adustments would you recommend taking into account the extra years of wear and tear and talking about living with what nature dealt me here, no gear, no trt etc
Interested to hear your views.

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Do any schools teach geriatrics anymore? I look forward to Pauls response to you question. I would think you just need to 2x everything a 40 year old needs. You look at carbs you lose your abs.
Oh, I’m 66


Dude at 60 there’s just not going to be a great hormonal environment in place for big muscle building. I honestly think at 60 you focus on a foundational level of strength, and allow the muscle to come to you if that’s going to happen. I’m 44 and made a promise to myself when I hit 40 I’d get shredded and start living on lower calories. I did that. When I hit 50 I will start to try and whittle myself down into the 210 range if that’s possible (I’m still 240-242 at 1900 calories most days).

You’re in your 60’s. Start focusing on the anti aging stuff. Gaining muscle requires mTOR activation which also means it’s going to age you like crazy. That doesn’t seem to be a wise choice in your 60’s.