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Article About Guy Who Used Steroids Once.....



Not that I have any experience with steroids, but is this guy exaggerating or lying or what? This seems to be the media's typical promotion of hysteria.


"Wake up, eat, jerk off, work out, eat, jerk off, eat, work out, eat, jerk off, eat, sleep."

That sounds about right.


That was entertaining to say the least.


He lived in Iowa City and probably went to Iowa. So he's a fucking toolbag anyway.


I enjoyed that read. Don't really have an opinion on it but it kept my attention.


So he gets gyno after the first week? Riiiiiiight ...


Happened to me the first time i used Test.


I can't tell if this guy was an idiot or not. Either way, he had some of the worst luck for a first cycle I've ever heard. My first cycle I did have one inject that when I pulled the needle out blood shot in a stream a good yard away...haha scared me shitless.


Maybe the most unlucky guy in the world but I wonder if the author of the article was Stephen King would we look at it in a different way? Someone trying to make a horror story.....


the guy couldn't read nutritional facts cause one can of tuna contains 11-13 grams protein per serving however there are 2 to 2.5 per can just a dumb observation


You're kidding ..! After one week? Big pendulous breasts like he said? I thought test took at least 3 weeks to take any effect. I'll be damned.


craig davidison is a hell of a writer. he wrote a book called rust and bone, a collection of short stories about maleness and the things that men struggle with. in another book, called the fighter, he wrote about a guys first experiences with gear in an attempt and becoming a man. in an interview with T-Nation, of all websites, he actually admitted to going out and using without any previous knowledge. if you go look at the interview archives, its still there.


Fuck no! Slight puffiness and lump with no AI.


This seemed pretty honest and accurate but either highly exaggerated or just the worst luck ever. Most cycles go smoother and you are bigger and stronger afterward, not fatter and broken. Way too much tuna too. Has anybody else heard of semi-solid lumps on the forehead growing to the size of eggs and needing to be removed?


He was masterful with that abscess though :wink:


From AAS? No. I do know someone that devloped one on his forehead though and it approached the size of an egg. (over the span of a year before the jackass had it removed lol).


After a lot of 'dick-head' jokes no doubt.


hahah, indeed :wink:


I noticed that part as well, pretty sure a can has something like 35 grams of protein. That part kind of made me think he was exaggerating on most everything else in the article as well.


i thought he was just exaggerating to make a more enjoyable read to be honest.i doubt anyone would be interested in "bam, i took some steroids, got bigger and stronger, it was nice"just my opinion