Article About a 64 Y/O Beginner!

Hello over 35 guys, I’ll be joining you all in here in 4 years but for now I thought I’d share a great article:

I read this site, geared towards accountants, because I am one. One of my big fears is that I’m missing out on my “prime” years to build muscle while pounding a keyboard for long hours every day. This article gave me hope that I’ll still have juice after retirement!

Hi, Samir, looking forward to you joining us.

I looked at the article. That guy is very lucky that his body responds so easily to training. Not everyone is that fortunate. Some of us pound away for years, even decades, and still don’t look like they ever smelled a gym.

Odds are you’ll start training and after a few months build muscles and strength like you can’t believe. That seems to be normal.

hey that is great, thanx. I hope it’s ok if I add one in about a 74 year old lady who started at age 56:

she drinks 3 glasses of egg white a day plus other stuff. I bet high protien has a lot to do with it.