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arthur jones

i am looking for the routine used in whats called “THE COLORADO EXPERIMENT” conducted BY ARTHUR JONES.


I don’t have it but it probably appears
in one of the many books written by Ellington Darden. If your library has several of these then quite likely you can find it.

In my opinion there is no importance to the specifics of the routine. Viator was regaining muscle he’d previously had, was
starting from a condition no better than had he never trained at all (he’d lost all his muscle due to illness and then to additional deliberate losses immediately before the
“experiment” so as to increase the amount of gains) and was, as he put it, “not remiss in [his] use of the juice” during the cycle, since he was paid by the pound. Also, the body composition results are clearly in error judging from the photographs – the weight gain may be accurate but it looks like he
gained fat rather than lost it, so the muscle gains are probably less than reported.

Any good routine would have given exceptional results, I think, with this individual in this circumstance. The credit doesn’t go to the routine.

Check Casey Viators’ site. Since he was the subject you may find some info there. Ironmans’ 10 week size surge is modled on that. I don’t think it’s the same routine though. According to an interview with CV in Exercise Protocol( Can. HIT mag) most of his workouts with Jones consisted of full body programs done rapidly. He also says his workouts ,which haven’t changed in years are 2on 1off,2on weekends off. Remember though that Casey was coming off an illness and was for the most part regaining lost muscle. He also says that beginners need more volume than HIT offers, no surprise there.

It was printed several months ago in Ironman. Here it is:

  1. Leg Extensions
  2. Thigh-and-back machine
  3. Duo Squat Machine
  4. Leg Curls
  5. Pullover Machine
  6. Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns
  7. Double Shoulder Machine
  8. Rowing Machine
  9. Double Chest Machine
  10. Biceps Curls
  11. Triceps Extensions
  12. Dips

He trained three days per week with each session lasting, on average, 24.8 minutes. About ten sets were performed each workout (never more than 12), so I assume one or two exercises were omitted per session. All sets were to failure. Viator gained 60 lbs. in 28 days. Rumor has it that Jones often carried a firearm while screaming at him during training sessions to scare/motivate him into pushing more weight.