Arthur Jones Upper Body Squat Routine


I came across AJ’s July 1970 article titled “The Upper Body Squat” and was interested in learning if anyone had ever tried the routine that he outlined. Specifically, it was 3 sets each of squats, machine pullovers, military press and barbell curl.

There is no mention of how the routine would be ordered, so I’m wondering if it was intended to be a circuit with one set of each exercise, followed by a 2nd and then a 3rd, or if it would be 3 sets of squats, followed by 3 sets of pullovers, etc. I assume that at least the last set would be to failure, though this is not specified.

I would be interested in giving this routine a try, but I would have to use the barbell or dumbbell pullover as I do not have access to a pullover machine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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From his other routines, it would PROBABLY mean 3 Circuits of the prescribed exercises.
PULLOVER: If you have access to an EZ-Curl bar, use that. If not, then go with the DB. Bent-Arm, in either case. The movement should be initiated with the lats and finished with the pecs — mind-muscle connection is crucial.

I think back to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s (pre-Arthur Jones Pullover Machine). We did a heavy barbell pullover with our head hanging over the end of a bench with bent arms. We used it as a pecs builder. With the bar near the ground the pec muscles are fully stretched. (Albeit so are the lats)

It has Pec stimulus, but not much IMO. Until I knew of Arthur Jones or Dr D, pullovers were done to hit the Serratus, which bring out the area below the pecs and make the lat side tie-in look so much better.

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In the “olden days,” we always did the set of pullovers right after the set of squats while still breathing heavy. I think that the “stretching the rib cage” theory has fallen by the wayside, but my guess is that’s what Jones would have been biased towards.