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arthur jones type workout

because of my work schedule I only have time to train 3 times per week. I remeber Bill Roberts posting an Arthur Jones type 3 day a week program if anyone has this or a similar 3 day a week program designed for size I’d appriciate it


If you want to read Arthur Jones’ writings,
here are the links:



Now, whatever I posted was not the same routine. Personally for a 3 day per week
routine I train triceps, shoulders, and
chest (in that order) on Monday; legs
and abs and sometimes minor bodyparts
like forearms on Wednesday; and biceps,
and midback/upperback on Friday. If
intending to make serious gains from
a workout (which cannot be done with
every workout) then I train twice per day.
At other times in a training cycle only

Bill, why do you train triceps, shoulders, and chest in that order?

Doing them in that order gives priority in
that order. That’s not always so but often is.

For example, the triceps are being worked
harder (in terms of percentage of momentary maximal effort) during the shoulder and chest exercises than they would be had they been fresh, not worked first.

Also (and I’ll grant this may not be true) there can I think be an effect where the body learns to most utilize the target muscles in compound exercises when there’s a strategy like this in the order.

E.g., if your shoulders and triceps are fresh, bench presses may rely heavily on these muscles and not target the pecs so well. But if the deltoids and triceps are
fatigued, it stands to reason that there would be neuromuscular training towards more preferential recruitment of the pecs.

Jesse, do a search on t-mag for Convergent Phase Training, it is a 3 day split with a difference and people who have used it have been really pleased with it.

Ok, that makes sense, I might give that a try. The reason I asked is right now I am prioritizing chest and rear delts for upper body and am looking for something new to try. I only do about 1 set for tri’s and have been doing 4 to 6 set of shoulders on back day so maybe it wont make a difference for me anyway. Thanks Bill.