Arthur Jones Pre-Exhaust Metabolic Challenge

Dr. Darden…did Arthur Jones and/or yourself ever promote the following type of workout…i thought saw this routine somewhere, using all of nautilus

Hip/back machine
Double leg machine
Lying leg curl
Calf raise
Double chest machine
Double back machine
Double shoulder machine
Omni bi/tri machine
Ab crunch

I ask because that seems like a lot of exercises for one workout 3x/week…and it would definitely be a metabolic challenge

You’ve listed 14 exercises. I don’t ever remember suggesting more than 12. But to do those with little rest between would certainly be a pre-exhaust metabolic challenge.

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Wha do you think Jones would have done in the 70s if you came to him and proposed the 30 10 30 system which doesn’t go to failure? Escorted you to the door? ha ha!

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Actually Jones would have said: “Give it a try.”

He was not a badass to me, but he was to some.


Dr Darden
How would you compare the muscle building potential of 30/10/30 inroad on an exercise to the same exercise done negative only to failure.

What an interesting question, Entsminger!

Dr Darden, did you and Arthur Jones have any major training related disagreements? It seems you got along well, and respected each others opinions.

They both have the potential to make a deeper-than-normal inroad. With negative only, you have a lagtime between reps that is difficult to qualify.

With 30-10-30, the exerciser has a lot more control over what’s happening – and that’s good.

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Jones and I rarely had disagreements. The several times that they occurred, we settled them quickly.

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And I assume it wasn’t out in alley. :wink:

No , Jones had Viator hold him over the alligator pen until he agreed, ha ha!