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Arthur Jones/Mentzer Videos

I put these videos up to get some comments. I already know what I think about them, so instead of voicing my opinion, I would like to hear what other people think.

The first two are of Arthur Jones and the second two are of Mentzer. Since both of them are so controversial and are brought up often on this site, I thought it would be neat to get a look at who these guys really are.

I have the Mentzer video, and can personally attest to the validity of HIT. Once I grasped the concepts involved with such training, especially negative-only and negative-accentuated training, my strength and accordingly, body mass, grew significantly.

Thanks for posting the Jones material. I have wanted to hear Arthur in his own words for a long time.

I think people tend to give HIT a bad rap just because its the cool thing to do. Most people who shit all over Jones and Mentzer dont really know what it is that theyre shitting on.

I agree that Mentzer went nuts towards the end of his life and even Dr. Darden admits that the workouts Mentzer was proposing later on were so brief and infrequent that hardly anyone could grow from them.

I also think its funny that a lot of people who talk shit about HIT accuse those who apply it as being narrow-minded and not open to different methods of training when they themselves are lining up to beat off every time Waterbury posts a new article.

Yeah, many people overrate HIT, and that’s bad. Nobody should overrate any training principle. Like any other training philosphy, Heavy Duty and HIT may work, but only to a certain extent.

Anyway, I find the videos interesting, especially the one with Markus Reinhartd doing leg presses. He was kinda funny, and I couldn’t tell if he was faking the pain or not.