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Arthur Jones' Leg Routine. Simple Yet Incredibly Difficult

Arthur Jones’ simple leg routine which I highly doubt 80% of this year’s Mr O competitors could duplicate, is all thats needed for maximum leg results. Yet right now thousands of idiots are fooling themselves into believing their training w/ maximum intensity and have done all they can do for maximum results. Fantasy world.

Downstreet on the flip-flop: timepants.


2 posts in and already this thread confuses me


What I meant was Jones designed THE most effective leg routine thats ever existed over FORTY freakin’ yrs ago and yet this same issue has been dissected literally thousands of times each year since 1971 because 99.999% of trainees can’t repeat anywhere near what 19yr old Casey Viator did at his peak w/ Jones in Deland.

I’m not aware of any human endeavor thats as filled w/ complete idiots who simply don’t have what it takes to do the same exercises w/ the same poundages w/in the same amount of time Casey did in the quonset hut behind the high school in Deland in 1971. This sh#@ is sooooo simple to understand yet as I stated ^ earlier no one, especially in the total BS world of today, can do it. The internet allows people to repeatedly try to “make a silk purse out of a sows ear” and actually beleive their as good as Casey. Total BS.

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Can you change the thread title to “Keeping Up With the Jone’s - Leg Routine”


Mmhmm, uh-huh. Yep. For sure. Oh hey, um, whatever you do, don’t actually post the routine you’re talking about. Cool? Yep. Wussy bodybuilders, got it. Right, mhmm.

“Most effective” for what?


I don’t know what any of this means, but I do squat.

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This is the ARX guy.


I have a few questions.

  1. what is the routine?

  2. Since you said current top bodybuilders would not be able to get through the routine, can you accompany the routine with the poundages that Viator used as well?

  3. What is the empirical evidence you have to suggest that this is ‘the best leg routine ever’? Casey Viator won 0 Mr Olympia titles. He did not have better legs than several other bodybuilders who competed in his era. Tom Platz clearly had better leg development. So I’m not sure how you’ve come to the conclusion that this routine produces the best results.

  4. Do you believe everybody responds the same to all programs? Or do you think some people respond better to certain stimuli than others?


Casey did 35 reps w/ 600lbs on the Universal leg press (not 45degree) immediately followed w/ 22 reps w/ 225lbs w/ the Leg Extension machine again immediately followed w/ 15 butt to the floor squats w/ 450lbs. All reps done slow, under control. Completed in less than 5 mins.

I doubt a single Mr O on the stage EVER could do that ^. That would put 30lbs on damn near anyone in less than 2 years I bet. Casey himself couldn’t do it on his own w/ out Jones pushing him.

I never said Casey had the best legs ever. They were, in his prime, damn good. Despite all the “Jersey Shore” punks lifting weights today not a single one has beaten Casey’s bodybuilding career as a teenager. NONE. Lee Preist did good but not as good.

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Idk man, I added 200lbs to my squat in 13 months and I only gained 10lbs at the most.

I never said increasing your max squat or dl or whatever will universally equate w/ a certain size increase. I said the above routine done exactly as described ^ will add a helluva lotta lean bodymass to anyone.

Dude, you should check out Starting Strength! Ripplestilkskin says it can add 60 pounds of muscle to your body in 8 months!


Yes. Everyone responds differently but there are universal physiological rules that apply to everyone. Max intensity, minimum volume and frequency. Bodybuilding is damn near filled w/ BS. No one wants or even is capable of ever training like Casey did w/ Jones in Deland. There are probably hundreds of Casey Viator genetic equals walking around as you read this but either don’t give a sh#@ about bodybuilding and the few that do don’t have what it takes to train like Casey did w/ Jones.

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I seriously doubt there is anything Casey Viator could ever do that Ronnie Coleman couldn’t do better. I would also say that there are leg workouts Coleman did that Casey Viator could not come CLOSE to doing. Saying that Viator did something that Coleman couldn’t do is a reason Viator’s workout is better loses it’s punch when the same could be said in reverse.

And yea, you’re obviously the ARX guy. Enjoy the ban hammer.

well, actually you said this is definitively THE BEST leg workout. That no workout since has been better. Yet you’ve offered zero proof of that. I’m sure it’s a good program. But your claim is too strong It’s dubious. Are you now back pedaling by just saying it’s a damn good program? Because that would be fine.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of bodybuilders who have come around since Viator who have better legs than him. I just don’t understand how you could come to believe that the best program ever produced legs that are inferior to so many other guys. You don’t have a shred of evidence on your side. You’re just using very strong language, which isn’t particularly convincing.

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Just do Starting Strength. Why waste time with other inferior methods of training?

OP, Casey Viator may be swole, but don’t you think he would be a lot bigger if he had milked his beginner gains?


FWIW, he’s not. He’s just another delusional HIT Jedi viewing the world through Jones-filtered glasses. Not bannable, just frustratingly amusing.

Objective facts, logical reasoning, and critical thinking don’t generally work on these people. So, not sure where this thread will end up. (Just kidding, we all know exactly how this thread will end up.)


Its obvious where Coleman’s style of training leads someone to. How many surgeries has he had? Hip & back?

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How much real weight is a 600 pound leg press on a Universal Machine?

Back in middle school, we would all cheat and Sit On Top of the back of the seat and rep out the whole stack on that thing.