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Arthur Jones Dying?

After posting a couple Arthur Jones videos I got from you tube I went onto Dr. Darden’s website to see if I could find anymore.

I noticed in one of his articles that Dr. Darden made it seem like Arthur Jones is dying.

Does anybody know anything about this?


I would believe it, hes old as shit and Dr. Darden has mentioned that he has become increasingly frail.

A sad update on this


We all go sometime. He lived a full and rewarding life.

He seemed a bit like Howard Hughes (only mentally more stable). He certainly was a fountain of ideas, innovation and industry!

Not to mention, a tough guy.

RIP Arthur Jones.

People can knock HIT all they want, but they can’t knock its inventor. The world lost another thinker and doer.

Arthur Jones was one of the few truly major stones in the roadway of the history of weight training. Sorry to hear of his passing and I hope he was able to smooth out some of the rough edges in his life before he died.

My dad just told me, handed me the WSJ & there’s an article about his passing. He second guessed everything & tried to improve upon it. Sounds like he lived a very cool & busy life full of women, planes & crocodiles.

I grew up in Ocala, Fl. where he lived, went to that same IHOP where he would take Casey V. all the time. LOL.

Also, he did more for fitness/BB then Joe Weider ever did!! Weider destroyed lives imho.